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9/17/2012 · Environment
By now, most mold investigators and IAQ professionals have heard of EPA's celebrated sampling and analytical system called ERMI-Environmental Relative Moldiness Index. Developed by Dr. Stephen Vesper, et. al.1, ERMI is perhaps the most far-reaching, technologically advanced and comprehensive attempt to date to determine the fungal burden of a home or residence.

7/9/2012 · Environment
After advising building owners, attorneys and insurance companies on microbial issues for over 10 years, performing hundreds of initial microbial investigations and "clearance" or "post-remediation re-occupancy" studies, like many of you, I have found myself scratching my head and attempting to interpret microbial data in light of the industry's guideline for determination of microbial contamination:

5/9/2012 · Environment
Last summer, a tsunami struck the fungal sampling coastlands of USA ...but hardly created a splash. The tsunami quietly seeped into the wetlands when the US EPA announced the development of ERMI...the acronym for Environmental Relative Moldiness Indexsm on August, 2006.