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Articles on Pharmaceuticals

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5/31/2013 · Pharmaceuticals
Two numerical methods, Decision Analysis (DA) and Potential Problem Analysis (PPA) are presented as alternative selection methods to the logical method presented in Part I.

12/14/2012 · Pharmaceuticals
During the last twenty-five years, a remarkable revolution in the pathophysiology and treatment of gastric (GU) and duodenal (DU) ulcers has occurred. Effective therapies were developed not only to heal ulcers but also to cure most patients.

10/19/2012 · Pharmaceuticals
Abstract. The physical-chemical properties of interest for Controlled Release (CR) dosage form development presented are based on the author's experience. Part I addresses selection of the final form based on a logical progression of physical-chemical properties evaluation of candidate forms and elimination of forms with undesirable properties from further evaluation in order to simplify final form selection.

6/7/2012 · Pharmaceuticals
Abstract. Practical examples of preformulation support of the form selected for formulation development are provided using several drug substances (DSs). The examples include determination of the solubilities vs. pH particularly for the range pH 1 to 8 because of its relationship to gastrointestinal (GI) conditions and dissolution method development.