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Deposition Designation Station
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From safety and regulatory consulting, to reverse engineering and product development, to product failure analysis and quality control services Avomeen's consumer product testing laboratory can help solve a variety of complex analytical problems and questions.

Our custom testing and analysis services designed to solve your manufactured product questions.

  • Competitive Product Analysis - Identify what gives your competitors product that extra performance boost or unique appearance
  • Verifying or Disproving of Marketing Claims - Increase your customers by giving credibility to your product through independent testing
  • Litigation Support Services - Including patient infringement, contamination, and product liability
  • Deformulation - Formulation reverse engineering services
  • Product Development - Reformulation and formulation services, Method development and validation.
  • Quality control Analysis - Solve product failure analysis, batch-to-batch testing, help prevent future product quality issues
  • Physical and Performance Testing - Including durability, strength, stain/burn resistance, and corrosion/chemical resistance testing
  • Stability Testing - Shelf life testing both real time and accelerated. Product degradation & lifetime analysis.

Our consumer product testing experts utilizes FT-IR, SEM/EDXA, LC/MS, GC/MS, NMR, and other analytical instrumentation to develop a more complete understanding of the analytical problem and solution.

Avomeen's non-routine product testing & analysis investigations are custom designed to solve your analytical needs. Our experts can preform analyses on on individual components, product prototypes, and finished products. From metals, textiles, polymers, phosphates, and more we can preform analysis on both organic and inorganic materials.

Food and Beverage Testing

Avomeen Analytical Services can provide custom chemical analysis for a wide range of food testing issues. Our experienced scientists can provide contamination identification, material identification, and other custom analyses.

Cleaning Products

From car waxes to all-natural floor cleaners our experts have experience in helping entrepreneurs and manufacture develop, analyze, and improve their products. Looking for that long lasting smell, or extra shine to help your product stand out from your competitors? Our deformulation and formulation experts can help you develop a new product or improve upon an existing product. We work with detergents, waxes, soaps and a variety of other cleaning formulations.

Home, Health, and Beauty Products

Avomeen Analytical Services specializes in product failure analysis and litigation support for consumer products, including off-color/off-odor analysis, batch-to-batch variations, and stability studies. Avomeen can also provide competitive product analysis and deformulation services, breaking down the components of a finished product to its component raw material, additive, and polymer ingredients. We have extensive experience in a variety of cosmetic products from shaving cream, to nail polish.

Packaging Testing

Avomeen Analytical Services provides contaminant identification, extractable/leachable testing, and failure analysis for packaging and consumer product companies. Our independent testing laboratory can test issues related to off-odor/off-color issues, adhesive/seal failures, product/packaging contamination, printing/labeling failures, etc. Our high-quality data and analysis can be very valuable for product development, litigation support, or product failure investigations.

Avomeen's consumer product testing laboratory has experience in reverse engineering, product development, failure analysis, material testing, shelf life, and quality control testing for a wide range of consumer products including:

  • Household and Industrial Cleaners
  • Paints, Coatings & Inks
  • Polymer, Plastic & Rubber Products
  • Cosmetics, Lotions, Soaps, Sunscreens, Bug Sprays
  • Air Fresheners, Sprays, Potpourri, Incense
  • Packaging & Storage Containers
  • Food & Beverage
  • Supplements & Pharmaceuticals
  • Batteries
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Dr. Shri Thanedar, Ph.D, is the CEO and Chief Chemist at Avomeen Analytical Services. He has over 20 years of experience serving as chief scientist or expert witness on over 20 litigation support projects involving chemical analysis, product failure analysis, reverse engineering, and polymer and rubber analysis.

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