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Project: Ft. Bliss Replacement Hospital
Location: Fort Bliss, Texas
Professional Fees: $567,130
Performance Period: 9/2009-9/2014

Poole Fire Protection was responsible for the team who served as the Qualified Fire Protection Engineer for the $1 billion, 1.1 million sq. ft. replacement of the William Beaumont Federal Medical Center at Fort Bliss, Texas. The S1 Phase consisted of attending a fact-finding session/kick-off meeting and the development of the fire protection and life safety narrative including a code analysis of the facility with a side by side comparison of DOD and VA requirements. Developed Code Plans and determined the sprinkler system, fire alarm/mass notification system requirements along with the design analysis sections for these systems. In Phase S2-S7 full sprinkler and fire alarm/mass notification along with a complete code analysis were performed. An additional Risk Analysis and FDS Modeling were performed. Designs were completed in accordance with CEHNC 1110-1-1 and UFC 4-510-01, as well as UFC Antiterrorism Force Protection Standards. Approximate professional services fees were $507,000.

Poole Fire Protection performed a Fire Protection and Life Safety Code Analysis for site buildings including assisting in the development of a code summary plan. Issues that were discussed included: NFPA occupancy and IBC use group classification of all fire areas; location of all fire-rated walls with identification as applicable (fire-area, occupancy and exit separations, horizontal exits and smoke partitions, etc.) including specific fire-resistive rating; location of all required exits, exit capacities (number of people per exit), means of egress and travel distance as required for each occupancy; actual maximum travel distance on each floor and compartment, both to an exit and to a smoke barrier as required; and the development of Fire Protection and Life Safety Design Analysis. Poole Fire Protection determined the sprinkler system, fire alarm system, and mass notification system requirements and developed the design analysis sections for these systems.

Applicable codes that were used are the UFC 3-600-01 Change 1 - July 2009, UFC 4-510-01 Change 3 - November 2009, NFPA 101 - 2009 Edition, and IBC - 2009 Edition. Fire protection costs were $15,934.

Poole Fire Protection attended the Cost Risk Analysis work session pertaining to the Fort Bliss Replacement Hospital design. Poole Fire Protection also assisted in the development of mitigation techniques to address the risks that had been identified. Professional fees for the work session were $6,382.00

Poole Fire Protection is providing FDS (Fire Dynamics Simulator) Modeling services for the Fort Bliss Hospital Replacement. The revision will reflect building construction changes and study the effects of a fire throughout the building areas open to the Circulation and Spine. The FDS will be utilized to model airflow to possibly reduce the exhaust fan capacities installed in the Circulations and Spine, measure temperatures of building elements, and measure visibility and temperature at 6 feet above each walking surface. A new life safety analysis report will be provided to summarize the results of the FDS models. Fire Protection fees for these services are $17,814.00.

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Jack Poole, PE, FSFPE, is a registered Professional Engineer in Fire Protection, licensed in over 50 states and territories. Principal of Poole Fire Protection, he is involved in the day-to-day activities of code consulting, life safety analyses, design of engineering alternatives, fire protection system design, and construction management services.

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