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Deposition Designation Station
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Project: Ft. Knox Human Resource Center of Excellence
Location: Ft. Knox, Kentucky
Professional Fees: $125,000
Performance Period: 1/2009-3/2011

Poole Fire Protection served as the qualified Fire Protection Engineer on the Human Resources Center of Excellence (HRCoE) at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Poole Fire Protection provided fire protection engineering and life safety. The $221,000,000 facility consists of six interconnected buildings that house 4,294 military, civilian, and contract employees. The 890,734 sq ft facility includes an integral 50,000 sq ft data center to support the facilities mission. Other facility types included conference and training rooms, storage areas, and an existing dining facility. During the 29 months of construction Poole Fire Protection provided design, construction management, and testing services.

Specific services provided by the firm included Fire Alarm/Mass Notification System design review and support, review of Life Safety Plans and wet-pipe and pre-action sprinkler system review. Poole Fire Protection also managed the construction of the fire protection and life safety systems in the facilities. Upon completion of construction, Poole Fire Protection witnessed acceptance testing of the fire alarm/mass notification and sprinkler systems.

Poole Fire Protection provided several engineering alternatives to justify the installation of the fire sprinklers and fire-rated doors. The engineering alternatives saved the installing contractors countless hours of removal and reinstallation of the affected equipment which helped the project finish on time and on budget.

The A/E team utilized BIM, even though it was not an RFP requirement, which assisted greater coordination and scheduling between the trades. The BIM capabilities allowed the team to analyze the cost and financial impact of the engineering alternatives that were developed quickly and reliably.

Project included AT/FP requirements, sustainable design, Seismic protection and LEED Silver. Codes referenced were the International Building Code, International Fire Code, National Fire Protection Association Codes and Standards. UFC 3-600-01, UFC 4-010-01and UFC 4-021-01. Estimated construction cost for the 890,734 sq. ft. project was $221 million.

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Jack Poole, PE, FSFPE, is a registered Professional Engineer in Fire Protection, licensed in over 50 states and territories. Principal of Poole Fire Protection, he is involved in the day-to-day activities of code consulting, life safety analyses, design of engineering alternatives, fire protection system design, and construction management services.

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