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Project: Ft. Worth Barracks MATOC
Location: Ft. Worth, Texas
Professional Fees: $144,000
Performance Period: 11/2009-12/2011

Poole Fire Protection provided services for the Design-Build Military major renovation of the existing Building 6050 in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, currently used as a barracks for 1200 (five platoons) trainee soldiers and commanding officers with the mission to provide a first class facility for trainees, living areas, environment and furnishings which have exceeded their life expectancy. One of five existing Starship buildings at Ft. Sill, the renovation of building 6050, a building of over 250,000 sq. ft., included the complete removal and replacement of the building's infrastructures including all fire protection and life safety.

Poole Fire Protection completed the following tasks: site visits, code/life safety analysis and code plan, sprinkler system and fire pump design, sprinkler specifications, fire alarm/mass notification design, construction management tasks: one site visit for underground hydrostatic testing, one site visit for fire pump, two site visits for above ground hydrostatic testing, one site visit for fire alarm, one site visit for final acceptance testing, and review of O&M manuals.

Overall costs were approximately $38.5 million.

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Jack Poole, PE, FSFPE, is a registered Professional Engineer in Fire Protection, licensed in over 50 states and territories. Principal of Poole Fire Protection, he is involved in the day-to-day activities of code consulting, life safety analyses, design of engineering alternatives, fire protection system design, and construction management services.

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