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The client requested Poole Fire Protection do a review of an existing healthcare facility for compliance with the requirements of NFPA 101, Life Safety Code. This included providing Building Code, Life Safety and Fire Protection Consulting Services.

Facts of the case:

Fees for healthcare related services are dependent upon the type of facility in which the care is provided. The client wanted to ensure their billing practices were in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations based on the NFPA 101 classification of the building and that the building was being operated and maintained in accordance with the NFPA 101 requirements.


Poole Fire Protection inspected the existing healthcare facility to 1.) determine the occupancy or occupancies within the facility based on the use of the facility, and 2.) to determine if the building was designed, constructed, and being maintained in accordance with the minimum requirements for the applicable occupancy or occupancies. In addition to inspecting the facility, Poole Fire Protection documented the results of its inspection in a large format construction drawing known in the industry as a Code Footprint.

A Code Footprint is a scaled building plan showing key features of life safety and fire protection systems, including fire detection and notification systems, fire and smoke separations, and fire suppression systems. It contains only the information pertinent to understanding the fire protection and occupant safety aspects of a facility. A narrative section contains basic building, code, and site information. A legend describes the unique symbols used on the code footprint's schematic. The schematic graphically shows the facility and the fire protection and life safety elements in contextual format - as they exist in relation to each other and the total protective features of the building. Significant advantages of the code footprint include flexibility and efficiency. The fire protection and life safety features of the facility are easy to see and understand.


With a detailed report in hand and the graphic representation of the NFPA 101 requirements shown on the Code Footprint to add clarity, the client was able to move forward with confidence.

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Jack Poole, PE, FSFPE, is a registered Professional Engineer in Fire Protection, licensed in over 50 states and territories. Principal of Poole Fire Protection, he is involved in the day-to-day activities of code consulting, life safety analyses, design of engineering alternatives, fire protection system design, and construction management services.

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