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10/31/2014 · Fires & Explosions
The client had purchased previously built buildings from another source. After there were some instances of failing Spray-Applied Fire-Resistive Materials (SFRM) within buildings, these buildings were inspected and found to have issues with the spray applied fire resistive materials located between the roof deck and the ceiling. The SFRM acts as another barrier in the case of a fire, helping to prevent the steel from getting too hot and damaged during a fire. This in turn keeps the building structurally safe and able to be open for service once the interior has been cleaned up for the situation. Due to the buildings being unsafe the client brought a lawsuit against the buildings previous owner.

10/31/2014 · Injury
The spine is a sensitive mechanism. Certain lifting or equivalent to lifting actions can cause irreversible damage that can lead to permanent injury.

10/29/2014 · Medical
Breast cancer currently represents nearly a third of all female cancers and is ranked 2nd in mortality (death) only to lung cancer. About 20 percent of all female cancer deaths are directly attributable to breast cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, a woman's lifetime risk of developing breast cancer is approximately 1/8 or 12.5 percent. For your information, lung cancer is still the no. 1 cancer killer of women, of course highly associated with smoking.

10/29/2014 · Fires & Explosions
The world of fire investigations is always changing and EFI Global is active in its research and testing methods. In an effort to support insura nce, subrogation, loss prevention and litigation relating to losses, EFI Global's chemical laboratories regularly perform chemical analysis on new products to identify potential accelerants and igni tion sources.. Recently, EFI Global laboratories conducted proactive chemical testing on a new matchless fire starter. This commercially available product is marketed and used to start wood and campfires.. The results of EFI Global's testing revealed the limitations and significance if this product is used as an accelerant.

10/29/2014 · Finance
Introduction: Syndication is Hazardous for Investors and Syndicators.

10/28/2014 · Medical
Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) was first described in 1967 by Ashbaugh, who described a syndrome of severe respiratory failure associated with pulmonary infiltrates, similar to infant hyaline membrane disease.

10/28/2014 · Aquatics Safety
On July 13, 2004, a 55-year-old man collapsed in the Medina (Ohio) Aquatic and Fitness Center. The aquatic manager for the city, Darlene Donkin, responded and assessed him to be in cardiac arrest. Although Donkin was a CPR instructor and taught more than 100 classes on the subject, she had never actually performed it in a life-and-death situation prior to this incident.

10/27/2014 · Accounting
Samson v. Western Capital Partners LLC (In re Blixseth), 2013 Bankr. LEXIS 1001 (March 28, 2013) Despite Edra Blixseth being one of the Forbes' 400 wealthiest Americans in 2007, the Bankruptcy Court in Montana found her, in fact, insolvent.

10/27/2014 · Psychiatry
Undue influence occurs when the testator's freewill and freedom of choice in the disposition of the assets of his or her estate is replaced by the substituted judgment/wishes of another. This can apply to creating a will, codicil to amend a will, trust or other legal instrument.

10/24/2014 · Pharmaceuticals
Is Evzio (naloxone HCL injection auto-injector) the answer for preventing death from opioid overdose? Can it turn caregivers into heroes and save lives?

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