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It isn't uncommon for other professionals to become somewhat confused with the different types of mental health professionals today. What you should know is that, when it comes to the court system, the professional that generally has the largest scope of practice and are generally considered to be the authority in the mental health and forensic arenas are Psychologists. Psychologists, not to be confused with psychiatrists (who are medical doctors), are individuals who have attained a doctoral degree (PhD or PsyD) and also maintain the highest level of licensing in their state. In the state of Florida, a licensed clinical psychologist is the highest level (and authority) of licensing and education in the field of psychology.

1/26/2015 · Transportation
In those rare instances where the safety of transportation modes can be compared statistically, bus riders fare several decimal points better than bicycle riders. The risks associated with motorcycles are "off the charts." The Figure below illustrates these comparisons for "home-to-school" trips - trips that comprise 15 percent of all transit trips and 96 percent of all schoolbus trips.

1/23/2015 · Patents
The long-running technology and Internet boom has spawned extensive patent litigation as companies seek an edge over competitors by suing for infringement. Many of the entrepreneurial founders of technology companies are themselves extremely knowledgeable about the technologies on which their businesses are based. As such, parties often perceive advantages to having the inventor of a patent or of an allegedly infringing product testify concerning the relevant technologies. Among such advantages is that an inventor can testify based on firsthand experience and may thus be in the best position to credibly describe the relevant technologies to a jury.

The concept of absorption is used relatively often in real estate appraisals and the same concept, known as "blockage," is well-documented in the art valuation world, particularly in tax-related appraisals.

Think like an investor, not an accountant! If fair market value is to determine investor expectations and equity risk; then why do these factors receive limited or no consideration when opining on the level of impairments (investor concessions) ubiquitously referred to ask discounts? This article addresses the business risks associated with asset-holding companies' equity that should be considered and reported when preparing a valuation report.

1/21/2015 · Failure Analysis
It is essential when beginning a root-cause failure analysis involving metallic materials to collect and maintain the as-found physical evidence properly prior to detailed examinations. This has two objectives. In all cases collecting and protecting the evidence in its undisturbed condition provides the best opportunity to derive meaningful good results from the subsequent analyses. Secondly, in a legal proceeding lack of attention to these matters can produce the accusation of spoilation of evidence. As a minimum this will cause presentation problems for the offending party in the suit. At worst such deficiencies by that party may cause the case to be thrown out.

1/21/2015 · Product Liability
No one likes to see children get hurt, especially when it could be prevented. Poor design, manufacturing defects, material defects, assembly errors, and the lack of a hazard analysis can result in hazardous products that injure people. Many products are put in stores that may have never been looked at by a design engineer and/or a safety specialist.

1/20/2015 · Brain Injury
A concussion results from a direct injury or indirect impulsive force resulting in rapid neurologic dysfunction, and is better characterized as minimal traumatic brain injury (MTBI)1-4 MTBI is typically functional and not structural and undergoes a sequential process of recovery with a subset of victims who have prolonged or permanent symptoms.

1/20/2015 · OSHA
A very large pharmaceutical company was required by OSHA to determine if its employees' noise exposure exceeded an eight hour average of 85 dBA. Within two weeks, AERO-ENVIRONMENTAL:

Hired by Plaintiff's attorney to perform a code review of the building along with fire modeling as to how the fire spreading could have been prevented.

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