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There are many types, manufacturers, and sizes of commercial HVAC systems which can make it difficult to create general guidelines for repair procedures and estimates for hail-damaged units. This guide uses the most common "light commercial" rooftop units (RTUs), which are 5-tons, 7.5-tons, and 10-tons in capacity, for estimating time to repair or replace.

4/1/2015 · Securities
This article will examine the variety of steps and actions that can and should be taken by a firms' Supervising Principal to assure that the proper degree of supervision of brokers is being performed. Let's begin with a quick review of why it is that in so many circumstances, supervisory responsibilities are not fully being met.

4/1/2015 · Environment
On June 12th, 2014 Aero-Environmental Consulting, Inc. and Mr. Jorge Vizcaino, Certified Industrial Hygienist, performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of the restaurant Wills Fargo located at 16 West Carmel Valley Road in Carmel Valley, California, referred to as the "site." The study was performed for Holman Ranch to assess the site and surrounding properties for areas of potential environmental risk and liability, which may have a negative impact on the site. The Findings, Opinions, and Conclusions sections of this Phase I ESA are based on ASTM1527-13, Sections 12.5, 12.6, and 12.8, respectively.

Poole Fire Protection was hired by the Plaintiff's attorney's office to perform a code review/analysis to see if the building meets code for its occupancy use. Poole Fire Protection also performed Fire Modeling services to show how the fire acted within the environment once it was set.

3/26/2015 · Law Enforcement
During my 22-year law enforcement career, I became involved in countless situations in which I personally dealt with people in mental health crisis. My first incident involved a Hispanic male armed with a pistol. I learned a significant amount from that single incident: so much, in fact, that I made the decision to join the Houston Police Department's Hostage Negotiation Team. The techniques I have learned over the years can be applicable to almost anyone, at any time, in just about any situation. In the following paragraphs, I will recount a few incidents in which I was involved and discuss the techniques used to end each the situation safely. Understand that this is not a specific "how-to guide" that may be applied to every situation. Instead, the use of these techniques will simply allow a person that becomes aware of a certain situation - to be able to attempt to stabilize the incident prior to first responders' arrival.

3/26/2015 · Life Expectancy
How funds are handled after the settlement of a case reflects the competency and knowledge of attorneys and recognizes their outstanding legal skills. This article focuses on the management of settlement proceeds and the maintenance aspect of the care of a client with a disability when that client's financial health is turned over to a trust attorney, relationship manager, financial planner, trust officer or estate planner.

A malpractice action requires the plaintiff to prove: (1) the defendant caregiver owed a duty of care to the plaintiff-patient, (2) the caregiver departed from that standard of care, and (3) that departure from the standard of care actually caused the injury claimed by the plaintiff. "Causation" 11; often the critical component in a malpractice action because the presence of a duty is often obvious, except perhaps in "Good Samaritan" cases, but the statutorily-required expert witnesses will argue about whether the caregiver departed from some standard of care. Because defining "causation" is difficult, there are interesting distinctions in legal versus medical, sociological, or philosophical concepts of cause-and-effect. Applying this difficult concept of "causation" to the very complex world of labor and delivery (L&D) does indeed beg the question, just how can causation be established?

3/25/2015 · Medicine
Over 30 million children participate in non- school youth programs. Each child develops differently and acquires different levels of strength, speed and athletic skills. There are age guidelines for beginning participation in competitive youth sports. At age 6 non-contact sports such as swimming, tennis, track and field are recommended, By age 8, contact sports can be introduced such as soccer, basketball, and wrestling. By the age of 10 collision sports such as tackle football, lacrosse, and ice hockey.

3/24/2015 · OSHA
Every year, approximately 3,600 workers are permanently disabled, and on average, one worker per day is killed, as a result of electrical incidents in the workplace.* To prevent these types of electrical injuries and deaths, building owners and managers should apply the safeguards included in NFPA 70E, the standard utilized by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) for building electrical assessments. OSHA utilizes the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace to provide improved safety procedures for workers through proper warning labels, restricted access notification, personnel training and personal protective equipment (PPE). OSHA compliance will minimize workplace injuries, accidents, illnesses, equipment damage, production losses, and legal costs, which are all avoidable and unnecessary factors in any business.

3/23/2015 · Child Welfare
Isn't it interesting how the courts recognize taint in so many different contexts?1 We have an illegal search by the police and everything found during the illegal search becomes "fruit of the poisonous tree"-it is said to be tainted. The Houston Police Department's Crime Lab does not observe proper sterile procedures in handling DNA and the specimens are contaminated-they are said to be tainted. We have a lineup where the crime victim sees one White guy, three Hispanics, and two Blacks. The identification of the White guy is said to be tainted, the product of a suggestive or improper lineup.

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