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How can a carrier lose control of the defense and settlement of a case and still be required to pay? Deny coverage, fail to defend or provide a qualified defense under a Reservation of Rights. And, the carriers can be required to reimburse the insured settlement and defense costs, even in excess of policy limits. How can that happen?

In high-conflict divorces in which DCF or the state become involved, there is sometimes the possibility that the children could become distant from one or both parents. Once the case plan or allegations are resolved, the parents will then need to be reintroduced into the children's live in a therapeutic, consistent, and safe manner. In these situations it is very important to know which intervention is needed as well as it's purpose and goal. A “one size fits all” plan doesn't is not always the best.

It's no secret that the electric company, phone company, and cable TV company all frequently share space on the same utility poles. National Electric Safety Code (NESC) rules control the location and spacing between these cables to ensure the safety of workers when they perform their respective services.

In the field of Forensic Document Examination, one of the most important responsibilities is to locate and examine all of the known and questioned originals involved in the case. This article is a brief explanation with photographs that will demonstrate the value of evidence that can only be found in originals.

12/17/2014 · Transportation
Every responsible society has mechanisms to hold its citizens, and their organizations, accountable for their actions. With respect to safety, our society effects this goal through the enactment and enforcement of statutes and regulations, and through the process of civil litigation. As with most rules and most societies, many of our transportation organizations have discovered loopholes. Employing these loopholes, they have effectively reduced their liability exposure at the cost of compromising safety.

12/17/2014 · Injury
A Special Master has not yet been appointed and the process for computing economic loss has not been modified from the original Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) procedures. A reasonable expectation is that the "new" rules will be very similar, to the existing ones. (For the text of the "Title IV- Victim Compensation" section of the "Air Transportation and System Stabilization Act" along with the published "Explanation of Process for Computing Presumed Economic Loss", see our DOCUMENTS section above.)

Knowing the value of a business and delivering real value to a client company entails far more than using EBITDA multiples or going along with a rule of thumb to keep the peace. As professionals, valuators must be far more rigorous in their engagements, and focus on delivering value. The obligation to identify, measure, manage, and mitigate the risks are their responsibility. In this candid analysis, Dr. Carl Sheeler shares some insights, based on his 1,000+ engagements, where he has found problems that led to disputes, misalignment of expectations, and company-specific risks that impair value and value creation.

12/15/2014 · Exercise & Fitness
Energy drinks (EDs) contain caffeine and are a new, popular category of beverage. It has been suggested that EDs enhance physical and cognitive performance; however, it is unclear whether the claimed benefits are attributable to components other than caffeine. A typical 235 mL ED provides between 40 and 250 mg of caffeine, equating to doses that improve cognitive and, at the higher levels, physical performance. EDs often contain taurine, guaraná, ginseng, glucuronolactone, B-vitamins, and other compounds. A literature search using PubMed, Psych Info, and Google Scholar identified 32 articles that examined the effects of ED ingredients alone and/or in combination with caffeine on physical or cognitive performance.

Retail propane companies may need their equipment appraised for collateral lending situations, buy-sell agreements, family law, estate tax or several other situations. Whatever the reason, when appraising retail propane equipment, it's important for an equipment appraiser to understand the overall retail propane industry as well as how the basic equipment - trucks and trailers, customer tanks, and large volume storage tanks - fits into the big picture.

12/12/2014 · Medical
The future condition of pediatric patients discharged from the emergency department can never be guaranteed even when the diagnosis has been clearly defined. As a result we are dependent on our clinical judgement of the patient's stability as well as the understanding and capability of the parents in safely discharging pediatric patients. Up to 75% of patients/ parents do not understand the instructions given at the time of emergency department discharge and not surprisingly almost all malpractice complaints arising from the emergency department have incomplete discharge instructions as a component [1].

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