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Anatomy Developmental Biology Consultant Robert Greene

Robert M. Greene, PhD
Louisville KY 40202
phone: 502-457-6852
Robert M. Greene, PhD, has spent decades researching and currently consults on the Genetic and Biochemical Causes of Various Birth Defects, including cleft lip, cleft palate, and neural tube defects such as spina bifida. He received his doctoral degree in Anatomy / Developmental Biology from the University of Virginia and obtained postdoctoral training at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Current Positions:
  • Professor and Chair Dept. of Molecular, Cellular & Craniofacial Biology (since 1998)
  • Director, University of Louisville, Birth Defects Center (since 1998)
  • Associate, Department of Pediatrics (since 1998)
  • University of Louisville, Distinguished University Scholar (since 1998)
Continuously funded by the NIH for the past 35 years, with over 160 peer-reviewed scientific publications, Dr. Greene's research activities and scientific expertise encompass the genetic, epigenetic, and environmental causes of birth defects. Dr. Greene currently serves as an Associate Editor, for the scientific journal Birth Defects Research A: Clinical & Molecular Teratology.

Selected Research Awards & Support:
  • NIH (NICHD) Research Grant, RM Greene – PI; MM Pisano – Co-I; (R01–HD053509) “TRANSCRIPTIONAL COACTIVATORS AND PREGNANCY OUTCOMES” $1,503,187 - 2008-2015
  • NIH (NIDCR) Research Grant, RM Greene – PI; (R01–DE018215) “NUTRITIONAL EPIGENETICS AND OROFACIAL DEVELOPMENT” $1,332,000 - 2008-2014
  • NIH (NIGMS) Center for Biomedical Res Excellence, RM Greene – PI – (8P20GM103453-10) “MOLECULAR DETERMINANTS OF DEVELOPMENTAL DEFECTS” $17,007,531 - 2002-2014
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1/8/2015 · Medical
Issues - Plaintiff sued the city of Bloomfield, KY, claiming that contaminants, specifically trihalomethanes (THMs), in drinking water supplied by the City of Bloomfield are likely to have caused orofacial clefting deformities in children born in Bloomfield, KY in 2001.

Issues - Plaintiff sued Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals claiming that Bendectin, an antiemetic, frequently prescribed prior to 1983 for the treatment of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, and developed and manufactured by Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, caused specific birth defects in the children born to mothers treated with Bendectin.

11/13/2014 · Medical
To begin, what is the overarching mission of the University of louisville Birth Defects Center? Has this focus evolved since the Center was first established?