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Bo Mitchell
20 Indian Hill Road
Wilton CT 06897
phone: 203-563-9999 or Cell: 203-984-7931
911 Consulting specializes in Emergency Preparedness, Training, Drills and Exercises for corporations, campuses and medical facilities. 911 Consulting gives you practical solutions for preventing likely incidents, preparing for emergencies, responding to a crisis and resuming operations. We create a custom emergency plan, train your personnel, and stage drills to make sure you're ready.

Bo Mitchell was Police Commissioner of Wilton, CT for 16 years. He retired in February 2001 to found 911 Consulting which creates emergency, disaster recovery, business continuity, crisis communications and pandemic plans, plus training and exercises for organizations like GE HQ, Hyatt HQ, MasterCard HQ, four colleges and universities plus 25 secondary schools. He serves clients headquartered from Boston to LA working in their facilities from London to San Francisco. Bo has earned 21 certifications in Homeland Security, Emergency Management, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Safety and Security. He also serves as an expert in landmark court cases nationally.

Bo is a Certified Emergency Manager, a Certified Business Continuity Professional and Certified in Homeland Security.

Most organization leaders believe their emergency plans are state-of-the-art. When, in fact, their plans are dangerously flawed.

More than one in four U.S. residents are students, attending kindergarten through college. Most of these 75.8 million children, teenagers and adults - not counting faculty and staff members - are on campuses with written emergency plans.

8/19/2013 · Crisis Management
Most campus administrators regard evacuation drills as a straightforward obligation on the school calendar. Activate the alarm; students file out bored; students file back in really bored; end of drill. A no-brainer, right?

More than one-in-four U.S.residents are students, attending kindergarten through college. Most of these 75.8 million children, teenagers and adults-not counting faculty and staff members- are on campuses with written emergency plans.

7/16/2013 · Crisis Management
Plan, train and exercise your organization's emergency team on premises before, during and after the hurricane.

6/25/2013 · Crisis Management
The alarms are relentless, the lights are flashing, and you're offsite. Will your people respond appropriately to the threat or place themselves in harm's way?

5/1/2013 · Security
Since Sandy Hook, I get asked daily about "RUN, HIDE, FIGHT," the new response to an active shooter on a campus or in a workplace.

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Ann Mahony
P.O. Box 475166
San Francsico CA 94147
phone: 415-441-0273
fax: 415-441-0233
Ann Mahony
Board Certified Document Examiner; court qualified since 1982; appointed in state and federal courts. Timely turn-around, exhibit prep, consultation and testimony.

Certification &Proficiency Testing:
Board Certified, National Association of Document Examiners
American Institute of Applied Science, Certificate in Document Examination
Collaborative Testing Services, 085-521 Questioned Document Proficiency

Areas of Expertise:
Signatures, handwriting, hand printing, initials
Alterations, page substitution, latent handwriting impressions
Paper, watermark, inks, photocopies, computer generated documents
Mortgage fraud, robo-signing, notary entries
Wills, deeds, contracts
Elder fraud, medical records
Calendars, journal entries
Anonymous letters, hate mail, graffiti
Lab includes : IR, UV, ESDA, digital photography

Professional Affiliations:
National Association of Document Examiners
Northern California Fraud Investigators Association
Forensic Expert witness Association
American Society for Testing and Materials

Lectures/Training: Calif Judges Assn; State Bar of Calif; Calif Assn. of Police Training; Northern Calif Fraud Investigators Assn.; Calif. Burglary & Theft Investigators, Safeway; Pacific Bell.

Services Include:
Consultation and opinion
Laboratory examination and analysis
Document photography
Preparation of court exhibits
Preparation of written reports
Deposition and courtroom testimony
Review of opposing expert report & preparation of questions
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Francis T. "Jay" Jarvis
Forensic Scientist
PO Box 116
Armuchee GA 30105
phone: 706-331-9971
Francis T. "Jay" Jarvis has over 30 years of experience as a Forensic Scientist, specializing in Forensic Ballistics and Firearms Analysis.

Mr. Jarvis has extensive experience in crime laboratory accreditation, having served as an accreditation assessor and as a member of the Board of Directors of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB), including one year as the Board Chair.

Consulting Services - Mr. Jarvis offers Crime Lab Assistance services, providing short term backlog reduction on a contractual basis. Due to his extensive experience with laboratory accreditation, he can also provide interim assessments and independent re-analysis of past casework as part of a corrective action following non-conforming testing or when proficiency test results do not meet the expected result. Testing can be performed at his own facility or on-site utilizing client laboratory protocols.

Mr. Jarvis is one of the founding editors of Crime Lab Report, which provides media and industry analysis for the forensic science community. He has been invited to speak at seminars and training sessions around the country on topics related to forensic science.

Mr. Jarvis has an avid interest in the history of forensic science. After conducting exhaustive research into the history and development of forensic science in the state of Georgia, Mr. Jarvis published his first book titled Georgia's Crime Doctor - The Story of Herman Jones and the First 20 Years of the Georgia Crime Laboratory. The book details the life of Dr. Herman Jones and his quest to establish a delivery system for forensic services and improve death investigation in Georgia.

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Jay Jarvis
Georgia’s Crime Doctor is the story of Dr. Herman Jones, the Alabama native who is responsible for establishing the Georgia State Crime Laboratory. Tracing the steps of Jones and his wife June back to Auburn in the 1930’s, this book chronicles the people, places and events which shaped modern day forensic science in the state of Georgia.
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Brian E. Dykstra, President & CEO
Jason T. Briody, Director of Forensic Services, Main Contact
7310 Esquire Ct.
Suite 5B
Elkridge MD 21075
phone: 410-540-9000
Atlantic Data Forensics (ADF) is repeatedly engaged as the Computer Forensic Examiner of choice by many of our nation's most prestigious organizations. Fortune 500 companies, the United States Department of Justice, highly influential research institutions, and many of the largest law firms in the United States have chosen the practitioners at ADF to handle their most critical digital investigations.






Services Include:
  • Digital Forensics - Cellphone and Smartphone Forensics; Court-Appointed Discovery and Forensic Examinations; Data Deletion, Wiping, and Spoliation; Data Recovery Services; Database Forensics; Defensible Data Collection; Email Forensics & Email Recovery; Employee Misconduct & Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Violations; Facebook, Twitter, & Social Media Investigations; Fraud & Financial Crimes; Internal Corporate Investigations; Internet History Reconstruction; Cell Phone Forensic Data Recovery; Pornography & Workplace Harassment; Remote Data Collection; Research Misconduct Allegations; Secure Data Destruction
  • E-Discovery - 26(f) Meet and Confer Consulting; 30(b)(6) Consulting; Document Production; Document Review; Early Case Assessment (ECA); Theft of Intellectual Property
  • Cybercrime - Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Investigations; Event Log, Firewall, & Audit Log Examinations; Corporate Espionage; Hacker & Data Breach Remediation; Malware Analysis: Botnets, Worms, Trojans, Viruses, & Rootkits; Network Monitoring & Analysis; Phishing Attacks; Practical Post-Investigation Remediation
Brian Dykstra Computer Security Cyber Crime Expert PhotoBrian E. Dykstra, President and CEO, has over 20 years of experience in Investigations, Computer Forensics, Incident Response, Network and Wireless Security Testing, and Information Security.

Before founding ADF, Mr. Dykstra was the CIO & Director of Professional Education and a founding member of cybersecurity consulting firm Mandiant, where he was responsible for the development and management of numerous advanced computer security and cybercrime investigation courses. While at Mandiant, Mr. Dykstra annually trained over 400 FBI Cyber Crime agents as well as many state and local investigators through a series of highly acclaimed cybercrime investigation courses. As Mandiant’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), Mr. Dykstra was also responsible for all planning, budgeting, implementation and security of the corporate information infrastructure.

Prior to becoming a co-founder of Mandiant, Mr. Dykstra was a Senior Program Manager at Communications Technologies where he led commercialization efforts of computer security and managed services business groups; supervised the secure remote management of UNIX and Windows customer and network systems, and provided technical oversight for business development efforts and technical assistance to commercial and government sales groups. An enabling factor was his prior experience as the Senior Director of Managed Services at Apex Digital Services and Viaken Systems, Inc. where he managed scientific research networks worth over $9 million, designed and implemented a Network Operations Center (NOC) and scientific computing system staging area valued over $3 million, and taught onsite at the FBI Academy at Quantico where he trained hundreds of FBI Special Agents in computer crime investigations.

Jason Briody Digital Forensics Analysis Expert PhotoJason T. Briody, Director of Forensic Services, has performed on-site collections, data culling & productions, and intensive forensic analysis for clients that range from businesses on the Fortune 50, to the nation’s leading universities, to local and national businesses, and law firms. Acquired and analyzed media devices include laptops and desktops, optical media, file servers, RAIDs, mail servers, tapes, cell phones, smart phones, and tablets.

Mr. Briody is an experienced author. Aside from opining for his clients via numerous written affidavits, declarations, and expert reports, Mr. Briody has authored content for organizations such as and the American Bar Association (ABA). Mr. Briody is also an accomplished speaker, having created and presented lectures or moderated expert panels for organizations such as and the American Bar Association, both of which are nationally-recognized providers of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits. Various other speaking roles include presentations at the Association of Research Integrity Officers (ARIO) Conference, local colleges and universities, and the Maryland State Bar Association, and live interviews like that on the forensics behind the Boston Marathon bombing on WBAL News Radio.

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Right now, there are millions upon millions of fake online profiles on every single social media site from Twitter to LinkedIn. They're as common as grains of sand and they're actually quite dangerous. So, how can you spot these fake profiles and what the is potential danger they can pose for your company? Find out more in this week's blog. Let's take a look.

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Steven D. Ashley, MS, MLS, MFCI, MUFI, ARM-P, CLS2
Risk Management Professional, Criminal Justice Trainer
Monroe MI USA
phone: 517-548-2275
CIRMAT, Inc. provides Law Enforcement Risk Management and Training services to Law Enforcement Departments, Private Security Companies, Municipal Insurance Pools, Police Defense Attorneys, Public Safety Agencies, Insurance Companies, Cities and Counties, Jail Administrators, and Private Law Firms.

Steve Ashley Law Enforcement Expert PhotoSteven D. Ashley, MS, MLS, MFCI, MUFI, ARM-P, CLS2, has over 40 years of experience in Law Enforcement. As a researcher, his primary area of interest is the Use of Force and Control by Police, with an emphasis on Non-lethal Control Methods and Implements.

Background - Before becoming an independent risk management and training consultant, Mr. Ashley served as a Risk Control Manager and Director of Law Enforcement Risk Control for American Risk Pooling Consultants of Southfield, Michigan. He also served as Public Entity Loss Control Manager and Director of Law Enforcement Risk Control for Meadowbrook Insurance Group of Southfield. Prior to that, Mr. Ashley worked as a Risk Control Consultant, and as Manager of the Risk Control Department, for another large municipal property and casualty pool.

Certifications - Mr. Ashley has earned and received certification as a Force Science Analyst (Force Science Institute®), a Master Use of Force Instructor (Smith and Wesson Academy®), a Master Force and Control Instructor (Police Policy Studies Council®), a TASER® Senior Master Instructor (TASER International), and an Associate in Risk Management – Public Entities (Insurance Institute of America®). He has attended over 5,700 hours of advanced police training.

Law Enforcement Trainer - Mr. Ashley has worked 15 years as a full-time, sworn, law enforcement officer, and 12 years as a full-time risk management professional, working with governmental insurance pools and municipalities to reduce law enforcement, corrections, and governmental risk. He has been a criminal justice trainer for more than 40 years, and has trained thousands of officers, managers, trainers, and instructor-trainers in police subjects, including Firearms, Driving, Radar, Chemical Munitions, TASER, and Defensive Tactics.

Author - Steve Ashley has published many articles on the use of force and control, police driving, and the management of risk in criminal justice operations, as well as police training and training management. He has been the regular computer columnist for Police and Security News, and has been a monthly contributor to the on-line magazine, as well as the Training Columnist for the on-line magazine

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Mark Lacek
P.O. Box 765
Minneola FL 34755
phone: 407-948-7087
Mark Lacek of Commercial Asset Solutions has been in the repossession industry for over 30 years. They specialize on the recovery of trucks, trailers, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, boats, automobiles, mining equipment, and luxury motor homes. Lacek has also repossessed hundreds of automobiles.Lacek is an experienced expert witness.

CAS is a Licensed, Insured, Certified and Compliant Repossession Agency. CAS has built a team of Skip Tracers and field agents familiar with all aspects of the commercial industry. CAS has served commercial accounts for Paccar, Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, The Associates, Orix Credit, Financial Federal, Navistar, NewCourt Finance, Greentree Financial, Conseco, and many others.

Mark Lacek Repossession Expert PhotoPrincipal, Mark Lacek, is a Commercial Asset Repossession specialist with over 30 years of experience. He has successfully repossessed fleets of over 100 pieces of collateral on many occasions.

Background - Mr. Lacek founded MDL and Associates, a repossession agency specializing in commercial assets, in 1989. With a growing client list of commercial lenders, MDL increased the coverage area of operations. In 1995, MDL relocated to Central Florida giving MDL the ability to service the entire state of Florida using in-house agents. In 1997, MDL & Associates began accepting nationwide assignments and utilized its list of national repossessors becoming the nation’s first commercial repossession forwarder. In his capacity as President of MDL, Mr. Lacek personally repossessed over 7,500 commercial accounts in the field. MDL & Associates repossessed 20,000 units for its client base without a single court proceeding.

Honors and Recognition - Mark Lacek has served on many board positions and eventually was elected as president of the Florida Association of Licensed Recovery Agents, an association of automobile repossessors. The association consisted of 400+ repossessors nationwide. He has been honored as "Captain Of The Industry" by American Towman Magazine and featured in an Overdrive Magazine cover story titled, "On The Edge." Most recently, he was featured on three episodes of the Discovery Channel show "The Repossessors" on professional recovery agents highlighting the true professional repossessor and the job of securing the collateral while adhering to laws which protect the consumer.

Author and Speaker - Mr. Lacek is a monthly columnist for American Towman Magazine and writer for Tow Times Magazine monthly column on the repossession industry 12 issues. He has been keynote speaker and guest speaker at industry events on the repossession of consumer and commercial assets.

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Donald R. Schuessler, MS
Physical Evidence Consultant
PO Box 8528
Coburg OR 97408
phone: 541-517-0397
Donald R. Schuessler, MS has over 33 years of experience in Forensic Examination. A Physical Evidence and Certified Bloodstain Pattern Examiner, he has been working in Forensic Evidence Evaluation and Crime Scene Investigation since 1978. Having previously worked for the Eugene Police Department and as a Deputy Medical Examiner, Mr. Schuessler has strong technical experience in all phases of crime scene and physical evidence investigation.

Mr. Schuessler works cooperatively with federal, state, and local criminal justice agencies throughout the western United States. He provides private consulting forensic identification and analysis in civil and criminal cases.

Consulting and Training - The following is a selected list of agencies and associations that have requested Mr. Schuessler's assistance in crime scene investigation, bloodstain pattern interpretation, forensic examination, or have invited him to teach:
  • United States Army, Fort Lewis, Washington - crime scene and bloodstain pattern analysis
  • United States Attorney’s Office, Eugene, Oregon - digital photography, video analysis, latent print identification
  • Washington State Coroner and Medical Examiner Association - Instructor, bloodstain pattern analysis
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington, D.C., Consultant, IAFIS, latent tracing
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation, Orlando, Florida - Consultant, IAFIS, latent tracing
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Erik Laykin, CHFI, CEDS
Managing Director
10100 Santa Monica Blvd
11th Floor
Los Angeles CA 90067
phone: 310-245-2902
Erik Laykin, CHFI, CEDS is an internationally recognized Electronic Discovery and Computer Forensic Consultant and Expert. He is the Managing Director in the Los Angeles office of Duff & Phelps and part of the firm's Dispute and Legal Management Consulting practice. In addition to his eDiscovery credentials, Mr. Laykin is an internationally recognized authority on complex information technology disputes, which include white collar and cyber crime, theft of trade secrets, privacy and data loss, internet, software, hardware systems failures, intellectual property disputes and other emerging challenges of the Information Age.

Prior to joining Duff & Phelps, Mr. Laykin was the Chair of the Information Technology Investigations practice at Navigant Consulting. While he regularly comments on legal and technology matters at international conferences and for the media, Mr. Laykin is also the past president and Pacific rim chair of the FBI Infragard Program.

Mr. Laykin is active with various committees of the American Bar Association, the Sedona Conference, the Academy of Court Appointed Masters, the Forensic Expert Witness Association, the Electronic Commerce Council and the High Tech Crime Investigators Association.

Consulting Services:
  • Information Technology Disputes Consulting
  • Fraud, Forensic and Investigative Services
  • Accounting Irregularities
  • Intellectual Property / Trade Mark Disputes
  • Forensic Technology and Analytics
  • Electronic Discovery
  • Cyber Crime, Data Breaches, Hackers
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Erik Laykin
Accountants, CEOs, and other financial professionals need to understand how to leverage the newly emerging tools of computer forensics to protect assets, investigate fraud, and win the case. Investigative Computer Forensics takes the purely scientific aspects of classic computer forensics and marries them to the practical side of investigations and the pursuit of digital evidence in the course of litigation. It provides financial professionals with the necessary practical aids, case examples, and skills needed to leverage computer forensics during eDiscovery and investigations both domestically and abroad.
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Gregory Lilyhorn
5820 Alpha Rd., Suite A
Dallas TX 75240
phone: 214-396-4411
Experteer Services, LLC, provides its clients with a unique and specialized range of Private Investigation, Training and Security Management Consulting services. The firm has expertise in implementing innovative security risk, regulatory compliance, investigative case and crisis response management programs for Fortune 500 companies, religious organizations, educational establishments, healthcare systems, cultural institutions, energy utilities, supply chain systems, regional business entities and quasi-government organizations.

Gregory Lilyhorn Security Expert PhotoPrincipal, Gregory D. Lilyhorn, BSCrJ, CFC, CCI, SSI, CAS, CHS-III, has an extensive and distinguished history of service and participation in Law Enforcement, Corporate Security, Emergency Management, education and consulting both locally in Texas and nationally with over 40 years of experience with significant expertise and practical experience in a number of critical business and government sectors.

Consulting Services:
  • Risk and Impact Assessments
  • Security Program Development
  • Security Strategy and Planning
  • Training Planning and Facilitation
  • Governance, Audit, and Sustainability
  • Managed Security Guard Services
  • Business & Political Intelligence
  • Private Investigation & Forensic Analysis
  • Disaster Recovery, Crisis Response
  • Threat Prevention & Personal Safety Program
  • Company Workplace Compliance Training
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Background - Prior to forming Experteer Services LLC, Mr. Lilyhorn spent over forty years in law enforcement and corporate security with wartime experience in the USAF Security Police (Veteran), ten years in County Sheriff's Offices in Webster County Nebraska and Reno County Kansas, serving as a Chief Deputy in Nebraska and Criminal Investigator in Kansas. He then served with U.S. Federal Protective Service under GSA (and later) under the Department of Homeland Security retiring after serving over twenty years as a senior managing specialist with extensive training and experience in law enforcement and security. He then spent over five years as a senior Corporate Security Specialist in the corporate law division for Tenet Healthcare Corporation one of the largest for-profit healthcare providers in the nation.

    Honors and Awards - Gregory Lilyhorn is the recipient of the prestigious National Law Enforcement Officer Accreditation from the National Commission on Professional Law Enforcement Standards, Washington D.C. and has been honored with the J. Edgar Hoover Memorial Award for Distinguished Public Service, Law Enforcement Award for Distinguished Achievements in Public Service, the National Law Enforcement Patriotism Award and the Distinguished Law Enforcement Service Award, and has received numerous other governmental, professional and patriotic awards and honors.

    Speaker - Lecturer - Mr. Lilyhorn is an accomplished "Toastmaster" guest lecturer, and is a seasoned speaker on topics pertaining to private security, public safety, and emergency management.

    View Gregory Lilyhorn's Expert Witness Profile.
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    Katherine Koppenhaver
    PO Box 324
    Joppa MD 21085
    fax: 410-538-8548
    Katherine Mainolfi Koppenhaver, a Board Certified Document Examiner, has been a document examiner for the past 28 years and has testified in court and deposition over 400 times. She has an international clientele. Her book, "Attorney's Guide to Document Examination," was published by Greenwood Press in 2002. Humana Press has recently released her latest book, Forensic Document Examination, Principles and Practice.

    She has a large support staff enabling her to handle cases in a timely manner.

    Contact Forensic Document Examiners for:
  • Examination of Questioned Documents
  • List of 101 Places to Look for Handwriting Specimens
  • Request Writing Forms and Instructions
  • List of Publications
  • Fee Agreement Contract
  • Fee Schedule
  • References
  • 3/2/2008 · Forgery & Fraud
    In the past few decades the proliferation of computer equipment has simplified the method of creating fraudulent documents. Desktop publishing is making it easy to create counterfeit documents from letters of credit to forged checks

    Katherine M. Koppenhaver
    Ths is the first textbook written specifically for the study of questioned document analysis. The text comprehensively reviews document examination, with specific attention to handwriting identification and forgery detection. Fundamental principles and techniques of document examination are presented throughout in a concise, straightforward manner. Specific concepts attended to include the factors that affect handwriting; the characteristics of handwriting; the guidelines for determining the authenticity or spuriousness of handwriting; and the proper methods for examining a case from start to finish.
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    Andrew Richards
    2199 Almanack Court
    Pittsburgh, PA 15237
    phone: 412-722-8380
    Fraud Investigative Service is a private investigations firm specializing in White Collar Investigations. Company president, Andrew F. Richards, CFS, is a recently retired federal agent with over 25 years of experience. As head of the Fraud Section of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, he handled almost every type of scheme and scam committed on businesses, government entities, and individuals including:
    • Internal and External Corporate Investigations
    • Fraud and Theft Investigations
    • Whistleblower / Qui Tam Actions
    • Corporate Fraud
    • Commercial Corruption
    • Investment Fraud
    • Health Care Fraud
    • Worker's Compensation Fraud
    • Mortgage Fraud
  • Vendor Fraud
  • Extortion
  • Bribery
  • Insurance / D&O Insurance Fraud
  • Political Corruption
  • Employee Investigations
  • Identity Theft
  • Surveillance
  • Computer and Asset Recovery
  • As a National Fraud Subject Matter Expert (SME) for USPIS and supervisor of the Financial Crimes/Major Crimes section, a nationally recognized multi-agency task force, Mr. Richards supervised task force members from the FBI, US Secret Service, US Treasury- Inspector General, and US Attorney’s Office, and many more.

    He has given over 200 presentations to a variety of audiences, including professional groups, business associations, law enforcement associations, and civic groups, as well as being interviewed on TV and radio.

    Awards - Selected Items:
    • United States Attorney General’s Outstanding Contributions in Law Enforcement Award – national nominee
    • Special Achievement Award USPIS for $71 million fraud investigation
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation Appreciation Award in a fraud investigation
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    Gregory D. Lee
    Criminal Justice Consultant and Expert Witness
    P.O. Box 1195
    Pebble Beach CA 93953-1195
    phone: 831-920-7367
    Gregory D. Lee is a retired Supervisory Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration with over 30 years of law enforcement experience. He was an instructor for DEA’s Office of Training at the FBI Academy and is the author of Global Drug Enforcement: Practical Investigative Techniques (2003).

    Mr. Lee’s real world expertise covers the entire drug law enforcement spectrum. He is a court qualified expert witness who will thoroughly review discovery material and provide you with a written analysis of your case. See website for CV, bio, experience and contact info.

    Services Offered:
  • Expert Witness
  • Written Case Evaluations
  • Military Justice Matters
  • Drug Enforcement Training
  • Use of Force Evaluations
  • Speaker For Your Event
  • Gregory D. Lee
    Based largely on the training and experiences of a recently retired Supervisory Special Agent of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) who is a former instructor for DEA's Office of Training at the FBI Academy.
    Gregory D. Lee
    The book is written based largely on the training and experiences of a recently retired Supervisory Special Agent of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) who is a former instructor for DEA's Office of Training at the FBI Academy.
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    Heinz E. Ickert, CPA/CFF, CFE, CVA
    See Multiple Locations Below
    OH, FL USA
    phone: 614-464-3343 (OH) 941 343-7620 (FL)
    Heinz Ickert Forensic Accounting Expert PhotoHeinz E. Ickert, CPA/CFF, CFE, CVA is an experienced Forensic Accountant, Forensic Investigator and Certified Public Accountant in private practice serving as a consultant to individuals, members of the legal profession, corporations, and not for profit organizations.

    Mr. Ickert has valued numerous privately held entities in potential merger and acquisition transactions or marital property settlement. His involvement in patent infringement, theft of trade secret and copyright infringement has included computation of damages incurred.

    Financial Investigations and Consulting Services Include:
    • Fraud Detection
    • Fraud Investigation
    • Internal Corporate Investigations
    • Reconstruction of Corporate Records
    • Asset Tracing, Identification, and Recovery
    • Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting
    • Due Diligence Investigations
    Author / Lecturer - Mr. Ickert has authored numerous publications on topics within his expertise. He has extensive experience lecturing on fraud related topics including the investigation, detection, and deterrence of Fraudulent Activity whether by employees, vendors, or outsiders against corporate and non-profit entities.

    View Heinz Ickert's Expert Witness Profile.

    Ohio Office
    150 E. Mound Street
    Suite 312
    Columbus, OH, 43215
    Telephone: 614-464-3343
    Florida Office
    2015 S. Tuttle Ave.
    PO Box 1418
    Sarasota, FL 34230
    Telephone: 941-343-7620
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    Daniel G. O'Kelly
    PO Box 338
    Lake Dallas TX 75065
    phone: 813-422-4674
    International Firearm Specialist Academy (IFSA) is a guild of award winning experts, former Federal Agents, Investigators, Police Officers, Medical Doctors, and an Attorney, in the Firearm and Forensics field. IFSA is the first and only company to offer a simplified step-by-step program that takes clients from present knowledge-level to a safe, accurate, and competent Certified Firearm Specialist.

    Online Training Courses:
    • Gun Purchases & ATF Compliance
    • Firearm Safety and Clearing
    • Firearm Classification
    • Firearm Nomenclature
    • Firearm Markings
    • Firearm Mechanical Operation
    • Firearm Cycle of Operation
  • Ammunition
  • Firearm Curios and Relics
  • Machine Guns and Clandestine Conversions
  • Short-barreled Shotgun / Rifles
  • Destructive Devices
  • Silencers
  • Any Other Weapon
  • Daniel O'Kelly Firearms Expert PhotoPrincipal, Daniel G. O'Kelly, has over 40 years of experience as a range instructor, a builder, and collector of Firearms and Ammunition.

    Background Experience -Mr. O'Kelly served for 11 years as a Police Officer and for 23 years as a Special Agent for the Bureau of ATF where he was Lead Instructor of Firearm Technology at the ATF National Academy. Since his retirement from the ATF, he has served as a Senior Corporate Manager for the largest retailer of firearms in the world, co-developing a firearm technology and ATF compliance training program for that company, and is presently the Director of IFSA.

    An Armorer for thirteen gun companies, including Beretta, Colt, DS Arms, FN, Glock, H&K, Kimber, Remington, Ruger, SIG, S&W, and Springfield Armory, Mr. O'Kelly has toured and done research at numerous firearm and ammunition factories and firearm reference collections across the U.S., Europe, and Africa. He regularly presents seminars worldwide to thousands of law enforcement personnel and licensed dealers, manufacturers, importers, and collectors nationwide, on firearm enforcement, ID & technology, and ammunition to law enforcement and the firearm industry.

    View Daniel O'Kelly's Expert Witness Profile.
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    Jane Gray, PhD
    Premises Liability Consultant
    545 Metro PL S Ste 100
    One Metro Place
    Dublin OH 43017
    phone: 614-718-3174
    Jane Gray, PhD received her PhD in Sociology/Criminology from The Ohio State University in 1988. As an educator she has taught at Florida State University’s School of Criminology and Capital University where she served as Chair of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Currently she holds the position of Senior Lecturer at The Ohio State University where she teaches several classes in Sociology and Criminology.

    Consultancy: Dr. Gray has consulted with a number of public and private sector agencies as well as numerous attorneys on matters concerning social science with criminal behavior in particular. She offers consulting services in areas related to Design of Adequate Security Programs and Methods of Reducing Liability.

    Speaking Engagements: Dr. Gray is also a recognized speaker in matters of security, premises liability, and negligent hiring and retention.

    View Dr. Gray's Expert Witness Profile.
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