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Materials Science Consultants

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Albert L. DeBonis, PhD
PO Box 1322
Millbrook NY 12545
phone: 845-677-3091
Wood Advisory Services (WAS) is a wood science consulting company specializing in the Engineering Uses of Wood and Wood-based Products. They have been pioneers in the development of full-size structural lumber testing procedures, design properties, and statistical distribution and reliability simulations.

WAS provides a wide range of consulting and testing services in virtually every aspect of Wood Science and Wood Construction Technology across the United States and Internationally. WAS professionals frequently assists architectural firms, major corporations, building contractors, trade associations, government agencies, building owners, insurance companies, and home owners in the design of wood structures and specification of wood materials. In addition, they often advise contractors and material suppliers on the interpretation of wood construction specifications, perform building evaluations, and provide research and development on wood construction technology.

WAS services include the standardized testing (i.e. ASTM, AWPA, APA, etc) of wood and wood-based materials including lumber, timber, structural composite lumber, utility poles, piles, decking, siding, trim, solid flooring, and engineered wood flooring.

Principal, Albert L. DeBonis, PhD, has over 30 years of experience in the field of Wood Science/Engineering and Construction Technology. Dr. DeBonis served as the Manager of Engineering Research and Development for the Western Wood Products Association (WWPA) and taught at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Department of Forest Products. He has carried out both basic and applied research over the years on many products, but his current focus is on the proper use of wood products in construction.

Dr. DeBonis has authored numerous articles and delivered seminars and presentations on topics within his area of expertise. Subjects have include the application of wood-based materials, the evaluation of wood piles, and the preliminary investigation of structural wood components.

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Dr. Arun Kumar
250 N. Nash Street
El Segundo CA 90245
phone: 310-322-2011
fax: 310-322-2243
Arun Kumar, Ph.D. has 34 years of experience in Metallurgy, Materials Science and Failure Analysis of Metallic and Non-Metallic Materials at Rockwell International, Hughes Aircraft Company and SEAL Laboratories. He manages and supervises approximately 17 engineers and technicians performing a variety of analytical services and failure analysis.

Dr. Kumar provides metallurgical consultation, performs failure analysis and serves as an expert witness in product liability trials involving materials failures. He has extensive experience in metallurgical failure analysis of aircraft, helicopter, automobile and motorcycle components, machineries, medical implants, machine tools and household appliances.
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Stephen J. Callan
44 Alley Lane
Climax Springs MO 65234
phone: 636-394-1480
Polymer Testing of St. Louis, Inc. offers rapid definitive failure analysis of all forms of Polymeric Materials. With over 1,500 plastics and coatings test procedures, they can help identify, manipulate, and advance state of the art technology for all applications. Clients include the automotive, adhesive, paper, medical, aerospace, environmental, packaging, electronics, and plastics industries.

Polymer Testing of St. Louis, Inc. provides three levels of competitive product evaluation:
  • Identify main polymeric components
  • Perform partial deformulations with identification of source for major formulation components
  • Provide quantitative reverse engineering including generation of complete mass balance sheets, locating sources for raw materials, setting production parameters and development of QC programs
Areas of Specialization:
  • Formulation
  • Deformulation
  • Research and Development
  • Failure Analysis
  • International FDA Compliance Certification
  • Routine and Non-routine Testing
  • Methods Development
  • Data Interpretation
  • Stephen Callan Plastics Polymers Expert PhotoStephen J. Callan, Founder, President & Technical Director of Polymer Testing of St. Louis, Inc., has a 40 year career in Polymer Chemistry. He has personally conducted more than 3,000 Military and Industrial Failure Analyses.

    A renowned expert in his field, Mr. Callan has been retained as an Expert in Polymer Chemistry / Materials Analysis/Failure Analysis & Reverse Engineering by 64 Independent Testing Laboratories, 35 Automotive Component Manufacturers, 26 Coatings / Adhesives Manufacturers, 30 Composite / Aerospace/ Military Manufacturers, 12 Environmental / Agricultural Product Manufacturers, 20 Packaging Manufacturers, 14 Electronics Manufacturers, more than 260 Plastic Manufacturers / Raw Material Suppliers, The U.S. Navy, The U.S. Army, and NASA.

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    Robert R. Odle, PhD
    100 Wedgemont Dr
    Elkton MD 21921
    phone: 443-616-4339
    Robert R. Odle, PhD, is an experienced Metallurgical Engineer and Consultant with over 40 years of experience. With an international clientele, he provides consulting on the viability of new ventures in the extractive metallurgy field especially with magnesium and non-ferrous projects in either pyrometallurgy or hydrometallurgy. His experience enables him to quickly identify the critical steps of the process and the shortest path to proving that step. He usually has experience based opinions on the reasonableness of budgets and time tables for process development. He enjoys some hands on work on a project to get a sense for what is real and what is just wishful thinking.

    He also has extensive experience in corrosion and the selection of materials especially in chemical systems. When required, he works in conjunction with Corrosion Testing Laboratories to do both corrosion tests and failure analysis. He has experience with H2S corrosion in high pressure compressors (Dresser-rand).

    He has extensive project management experience and engineering experience as a process engineer. He is flexible in using his skills to help a project succeed. Long term rate structures are available on interesting projects.
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    Dr. Reza Mirshams, P.E.
    Frisco TX 75034
    phone: 469-777-6684
    Reza Mirshams, PhD, PE, is an independent Professional Engineering consultant with degrees in Industrial Metallurgy and Metallurgical Engineering with 40 years combined industrial, research, academic experience.

    Dr. Mirshams' research interests include mechanical behavior of materials-microstructure relations, manufacturing processes, mechanical properties of materials in nano and micro scales, and the study of advanced materials for structural applications in mechanical systems. His research has been sponsored by such entities as ONR, NSF, NASA, U.S. Army, DOE, Louisiana Board of Regents, Lockheed Martin, and Howmet Corporation.

    A University Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Technology, Dr. Mirshams has taught various engineering and design courses in universities across the U.S. over the past 27 years. He has presented talks in national and international conferences, has been an expert witness in litigation trials, and published more than 100 archival articles and technical reports.

    Services Include:

    Materials Failure Analysis
    • Failure Analysis of Materials and Structures
    • Equipment Failure Analysis
    • Product Liability Evaluation
    • Corrosion Failure Analysis
    • Welding Failure Analysis
    • Materials Characterization
    • Forensic Metallography & Fractography
    Industry Solutions
    • Metals Production Industry
    • Manufacturing Industry
    • Minerals / Oil Industry
    • Materials Selection for Products
    • Manufacturing Processes Review
    • Feasibility Study
    • Education and Training
      Engineering and Consulting Services
      • Metallurgical Engineering
      • Product Concepts
      • Market Research
      • Feasibility Studies
      • Vendor Selection
      • Design with Materials for Manufacturing
      • Code Compliance and Inspection
      • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
      • Materials Selection and Design Analysis
      Education and Training
      • Properties Characterization - Mechanical, Chemical, Physical
      • Forensic Engineering
      • Engineering and Technology Education
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      Meyer R. Rosen, President
      Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator (Advanced Training)
      Certified Professional Chemist & Chemical Engineer
      P.O. Box 66
      East Norwich NY
      phone: 516-922-2167
      fax: 516-922-3830
      Meyer R. Rosen FRSC, FAIC, CPC, CChE is a leading creative consultant for the Legal Profession, Specialty Chemical / Personal Care Industries. He is Founder & President of Interactive Consulting, Inc. ( Meyer is a Forensic Litigation expert for both plaintiff and defense in hazardous chemicals, products liability, personal injury, fires and explosions, intellectual property and trade secret cases. He also provides Technical Marketing, New Business Development, Technical Consulting and Professional Editing services internationally to the Specialty Chemical, Personal Care, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Allied Industries.

      Meyer also has 15 years experience as a Professor of Fire Technology at Westchester Community College.

      Mr. Rosen is Editor- in- Chief of Harry’s Cosmeticology, 9th Ed. A 2,600 page trilogy on all aspects of the cosmetic industry (’ as well as being Editor-in-Chief for EuroCosmetics magazine (Germany).

      Technology Expertise (Intellectual Property/Chemical Industry): Mr. Rosen provides consultation and litigation support in patent infringement, trade secret issues and licensing matters. His scientific areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:
      • Organosilicones: Surfactants, Emulsions, Foams, Antifoams, Silane Coupling Agents
      • Water Soluble Polymers, Poly(ethylene oxide), Polyethylene Glycol, and Poly (acrylamide)
      • Colloid and Surface Chemistry: Stability of Dispersions, Wetting & Spreading Phenomena, Suspensions & Emulsions, Clays, Paint & Coatings, Personal Care, Cosmetics
      • Flocculating and Coagulating Agents
      • Applied Rheology, Rheology Modification of Aqueous & Non-Aqueous Media
      • Chartered Chemist and Fellow: Royal Society of Chemistry – London
      • Nationally Certified Professional Chemist and Professional Chemical Engineer
      • Certified Fire and Explosion Expert (Advanced Training)
      • Fellow: American College of Forensic Examiners
      • Fellow: American Institute of Chemists
      • Diplomate: American Board of Forensic Examiners
      • Diplomate: American Board of Forensic Engineering and Technology
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      10/9/2012 · Chemical Industry
      The skin is a miraculous organ and the cosmetic & personal care industry continues to make improvements on how to maintain the health and beauty of this organ, the largest in the body. Much of the radiant youthful glow on the skin is often achieved through the delivery of advanced, active skin care products.

      9/12/2012 · Chemical Industry
      The intimate, uniform and lump-free mixing of a formulation containing two or more fluid components, one being lipophilic and the other hydrophilic, with or without the addition of powdered solids, to form a stable emulsion is a complex process.

      Meyer R. Rosen
      The 9th edition has been doubled in size over the 8th edition and is available in both hard copy and e-book versions as well as eight shorter “Focus Books” taken from the full encyclopedic three volume edition.” All of the Focus Books are coordinated with educational presentations being conducted during the InCosmetics N.A. conference and exhibition.”
      Meyer R. Rosen
      This is the first single-volume handbook with the information a researcher needs to select the best rheology modifiers for his/her project. Information on 20 different types of rheology modifiers manufactured by 26 companies worldwide is described. These range from Acrylic Polymers to Xanthan Gum. This handbook was written because, in the authors' experience, the selection of a rheology modifier for specific applications is an arduous task.
      Meyer R. Rosen
      Novel delivery systems designed to facilitate the use of fountain of youth and other functional actives is an idea whose time has come...This must have book has been carefully designed for training, development and synergistic technology transfer across the personal care, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.
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      Jon M. Crate, President & Chief Executive Officer
      825 Chance Road
      Marietta GA 30066
      phone: 770-928-1930
      fax: 770-928-9202
      FAI Materials Testing Laboratory, Inc. (FAI) is a full service Analytical, Failure Analysis, and Materials Testing laboratory that provides clients with the best explanation about why their materials, products, and components perform the way they do.

      FAI is comprised of professional scientists, chemists, and engineers with decades of experience solving problems in a host of industries including Aerospace/Aviation, Automotive/Vehicle, Biomedical Device, Construction, Energy/Power, Manufacturing, Marine & Offshore, and Mining & Metals.

      FAI's Services Include:
      • Materials Testing - Identification, Dimensional Analysis, Flash Point, Viscosity, Density / Specific Gravity, Melt Flow Rate, Accelerated Aging
      • Failure Analysis - Root Cause, Failure Mode
      • Plastics Testing - Identification, Composition, Polymer Chemistry
      • Physical Testing - Tensile Strength, Compressive Strength, Flex/Bend Modulus, Izod Impact Force, Drop Testing, Coefficient of Friction, Hardness, Fatigue
      • Thermal Analysis - Thermogravimetry, Calorimetry
      • Chemical Analysis
      • Imaging Services
      • Quality Assurance
      Jon Crate Materials Failure Analysis Expert PhotoJon M. Crate is the founding President and CTO of FAI Materials Testing Laboratory. He received his bachelor's degree in Chemistry from University of Central Florida, his Master's in Polymers from the MSE Department of Georgia Tech and three years of postgraduate education in Molecular Cell Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

      Mr. Crate is a Analytical Chemistry and Materials Failure Analysis consultnat who is experienced and well versed in the chemical analysis and physical characterization of Natural and Synthetic Polymers, Metals, Inorganic and Organic Compounds, and Composite Materials. He has performed failure analysis on a wide variety of products and components including underground gas and water pipe, commercial aircraft tires, large equipment, rig, light truck, automotive and motorcycle tires, swimming pools and pool coatings, tank coatings, assault resistant commercial window laminates, numerous aircraft components, sailing vessel components, weapon system components, power generation equipment components, and medical devices including artificial heart valve.

      Jon M. Crate is capable of designing and validating test and inspection protocols that will enable the determination of the causes of failure for a wide variety of products and components.

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      David W. Riley
      President, PhD and Physical Organic Chemistry
      858 Princeton Ct.
      Branchburg NJ 08853
      phone: 908-369-7260
      fax: 908-369-7260
      Dr. David W. Riley is an Extrusion Analysis & Plastics Rheological Consultant. Dr. Riley has spent over nineteen years as a consultant in the field of Plastic Processing. He has over forty years of experience in developing Polymer Defect Technology and fifteen years in developing the field of Plastic and Polymer coefficient of friction related to the feed section of the extruder.

      Areas of Expertise:
      • Expert Witness
      • Analytical Instrumentation Adaptation to Processing Equipment
      • Friction Analysis
      • Melt Rheology
      • Extrusion Equipment: Design & Analysis of Production
      • Telecommunication Cables and Insulation
      • Power Cables and Testing XLDPE
      • All phases of PVC Compounding & Extrusion
      • Thermal Stability of Polymers
      • Surface Chemistry, Metals & Polymers
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      Leighton Spadone, President
      Tire Technology & Data Analytics
      14617 Cedar Road
      Beachwood OH 44122
      phone: 440-264-3638
      fax: 216-291-2823
      DAAS Inc. specializes in Tire Technology, Tire Compounding, Tire Processing, Tire Curing, and Performance Modeling. Dedicated to providing top notch consulting and statistical services in the tire and rubber industry, DAAS has served tire manufacturing clients in the United States, Romania, China, India, and Poland.

      Consulting Services:
      • Technical Support - Optimization of Laboratory, Banbury, Extruder, Curing, and Calendaring processes
      • Product Development - Material Evaluations and Component Formulations; Tire Design and Reinforcement for Radial Truck and Earthmover tires; Tire testing
      • Technical Management - Statistical Scenarios to Improve Product Performance, Manufacturing Uniformity, and Quality
      • JMP Statistical Modeling - Data Cleaning, Exploration, and Modeling Used to Troubleshoot Materials & Compound R&D, Product, Process, and Manufacturing
      • Quality Assurance - Quality Specifications for Materials, Compounds, Components, Processing, and Tire Curing; Performance Models, and Quality Systems
      • Expert Witness - Truck and Earthmover Tire and Compound Performance, Tire Removal, and Fleet analysis
      Leighton Spadone Tire Technology Expert PhotoLeighton Spadone, President of DAAS Inc., has over 50 years of Tire Technology and Applied Statistics experience. He trains and consults tire companies on Tire Design, Tire Materials and Compound Formulations, Tire Curing, rubber processing, quality control, tire, compound, and materials testing.

      Mr. Spadone was employed by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co in International Technical Service and Domestic Tire Development for over 43 years and by Eurotire Inc for 6 years as the Chief Technical Officer. he is an experienced Materials Product Developer for Radial Light Truck Tires, Radial Medium Truck Tires, Farm Tires, and Off-Road Radial Earthmover Tires.

      Mr. Spadone has authored numerous tire technology conference papers for the ACS Rubber Division, ITEC, and JMP Discovery including Truck & Passenger Tire Testing, Treadwear prediction, Rubber Mixing, and Earthmover TMPH. Articles have been published in Rubber and Plastics News and The Quality Digest. He has specialized training in Statistics, 6-Sigma, Technical Management, and SAS & JMP statistics and programming.

      Regression Model to Predict Tire Performance: Paired Design Experiment

      View Leighton Spadone's Expert Witness Profile.
      A London based arbitration process for breach of a contract to purchase tires brought by an International Earthmover Tire Manufacturer, plaintiff, against an International Mining Company, defendant. The Mining Company contractually agreed to order a specified number of tires or to pay 40% of the agreed selling price for any tires not ordered. This is referred to as a “Take or Pay” arrangement. The tire manufacturer contracted to produce tires that met the Tire and Rim Association OTR Handbook standards. The manufacturer did not guarantee tire performance, in terms of any performance measure.

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      Dr. Joseph Jolson
      5867 Solway Street
      Pittsburgh PA 15217
      phone: 412-480-3049
      Dr. Joseph D. Jolson has over 28 years of industrial experience providing Product Development, Product Support, Litigation, Subrogation, and Intellectual Property Services. He has championed the development of two-dozen commercially successful products. Dr. Jolson's experience includes:
    • The development, testing, use, and analysis of failed aqueous and lithium batteries
    • The development, placement, testing, use and analysis of failed carbon monoxide, chlorine, combustible gas, ethylene oxide, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, and volatile organic hydrocarbon gas detectors
    • The development, testing, use and analysis of failed air purifying respirators including self-contained self-rescuers
    • Areas of Expertise:
    • Batteries
    • Chemical Analysis
    • Gas Detection
    • Failure Analysis
    • Industrial Hygiene & Safety
    • Laboratory Safety
    • Material Safety Data Sheets
    • Mine Safety
    • Product Testing
    • Respiratory Protection
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      Dr. William R. Sawyer PhD, D-ABFM, D-ABFE
      29 Fennell Street
      Skaneateles, NY 13152
      ---------- Available ----------
      All States
      phone: 800-308-0080 (toll free) or 315-685-2345
      Dr. William R. Sawyer is a Professional Toxicologist with a doctorate in toxicology from Indiana University School of Medicine. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Medicine and has over 29 years of extensive experience in Public Health and Forensic Toxicology.

      Forensic Environmental & Laboratory Analyses - Through education and experience, Dr. Sawyer has gained extensive expertise in Forensic Petroleum Analyses, Environmental, and Clinical Forensic Analyses. With over 23-years of laboratory experience and over 14 years experience as a licensed environmental and forensic laboratory director in New York State, he has directed forensic laboratory analyses, sampling protocol and chain-of-custody in criminal and civil matters, and has provided petroleum spill assessments to multiple clients including governmental environmental agencies (NYSDEC), Departments of Justice, various State Attorney General Offices (New York, Montana), defense and plaintiff law firms, and industry. Petroleum spill and exposure assessment reports have provided an objective determination to within a reasonable degree of scientific certainty.

      Dr. Sawyer is a noted author having written numerous publications, abstracts, treatises, and editorials on subjects within his field of expertise. He has also delivered professional presentations on the "Fundamentals of Medical Toxicology" and "Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome (RADS)" to such entities as The American Board of Forensic Medicine & The American College of Forensic Examiners among others.

      Lisa Myers interviews Dr. Sawyer on NBC Nightly News

      As a Board Certified Toxicologist, Dr. Sawyer provides impartial toxicological evaluations involving:
      • Chemical Exposures
      • Petroleum Product Exposures
      • Alcohol Ingestion
      • Intentional Poisons Involved in Homicides
      • Carcinogens
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Pyrolysis Products
    • Heavy Metals
    • Organic Chemicals
    • Drugs of Abuse
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      Dr. Charles R. Anderson
      President & Principal Scientist
      9051 Red Branch Road, Suite C,
      Columbia MD 21045
      phone: (410) 740-8562
      fax: 410-740-8201
      Dr. Charles R. Anderson has long specialized in the Characterization of Surfaces, Interfaces, Thin Films and Coatings. He and his team offer Materials Consulting Services, enhancing material and/or process to meet requirements and provide advantages over competitors. Dr. Anderson is able to apply decades of experience, cross-industry knowledge, and diverse areas of expertise to serve as a cost-effective partner to enhance or augment current R&D capabilities or capacity.

      Anderson Materials (AME) is prepared to deploy an array of analytical techniques and experiences to provide top-tier analysis and consulting services. AME offers services to such industries as Aerospace and Defense, Building Materials and Construction, Chemical, Communications, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Energy & Utility, Government Agencies, Industrial Equipment, Medical Industries, Resource Materials, and Colleges and Universities.

      Consulting Specialties:
      • Adhesive Bonding
      • Cleanliness & Contamination
      • Coatings
      • CTE, Thermal Expansion
      • Elemental Analysis
      • Glass Transition Temperature
      • Interfaces
      • Materials Identification / Verification
    • Medical Devices and Prostheses
    • Melting Temperature
    • Outgassing and Water Content
    • Particle Analysis
    • Plastic Testing
    • Surface Chemistry
    • Surface Roughness
    • Thin Film Analysis
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