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Commercial Damages Valuation Consultants PFC

G. Michael Phillips, PhD
750 E. Walnut Street
Pasadena CA 91101
phone: 626-744-3540
fax: 626-744-3530
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Phillips, Fractor, and Company (PFC), a litigation support and consulting firm, utilizes economic theory, statistical analysis, survey research, mathematics, computer science, and business theories and best practices to conduct high quality research. The firm specializes in Economic, Financial, Statistical, Managerial, Valuation, Accounting, and Complex Analyses solutions. PFC's team is comprised of experts and consultants who blend active academic careers with real-world experience in a variety of fields.

Commercial Damages and Valuation Expertise:
  • Lost Profits
  • Commercial Damages
  • Intellectual Property
  • Business Valuation
  • Financial Analysis
  • Investment Market Analysis
  • Investment Suitability
  • Internet Issues
  • Industrial Organization & Competitive Analysis
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Product Liability
  • Real Estate & Urban Policy
  • Construction Defects & Destructive Testing Sampling and Extrapolation
  • Surveys & Sampling
  • Statistics, Econometrics, & Forecasting
  • Class Action, Mass Actions, Mass Torts
Non-Testifying Consulting Services:
  • Explain Other Testifying Experts' Work, Preparing Attorney for Depositions and Trial
  • Perform Preliminary Research for Scope and Nature
  • Evaluate Experts' work to Identify Key Weaknesses (if any)
  • Participate in the Deposition of Opposing Experts
  • Coordinate the Research of Multiple Testifying Experts
  • Assist with the Preparation for Cross-examining Opposing Experts
Database and Data Management Services:
  • Extract information from a wide range of formats and platforms and convert corporate records into usable data
  • Custom programming includes web sites, Internet forms, spreadsheet-based data entry programs, and stand-alone applications
  • Analysis of corporate records includes many EEOC, FLSA, and Department of Industrial Relations actions
  • Custom Modeling and Statistical Analysis
  • Pre-layoff Workforce Analysis
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