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Construction Engineering Consultant Paul Gogulski

Paul Gogulski, PE
346 Coston Road
Richland, SC 28574
All States USA
phone: 843-470-0459
Paul Gogluski Consturction Experts
Paul Gogulski, PE is a Construction Consultant, Forensic Engineer, and Seasoned Professional Manager who leads teams in the delivery of commercial, industrial, public works, high technology, and residential construction projects throughout the United States and overseas. Mr. Gogulski used his broad range of experience to form a consulting practice, Gogulski & Associates, Inc., which specializes in construction Dispute Resolution, Accidents, Claims, Delays, Design Error and Omissions, Structural Failure, and Damages.

Mr. Gogulski is available to render an opinion, negotiate regarding building code issues, assist in design review, scheduling, code compliance, and estimating costs. He offers his services to contractors, architects, engineers, insurance companies, government agencies, and corporate owners. Dedicated to progress in his field of expertise, Mr. Gogulski is presently working with a professor at a major university and a president of an established consulting firm in the development of software to reduce risk by integrating 4D technology within clients project controls.

As a Development Manager overseeing four architectural firms, Paul Gogulski construction projects have included (short list):
  • Playing a key role in Boston’s largest urban-mass transit project. The $900 million Southwest Corridor Project; consisting of 7 new stations, 4 transit and 2 Amtrak lines through six communities, five miles of parkland, 38 bridge renovations, relocation of utilities, and five miles of new road. The National Endowment of the Arts designated this project for its prestigious President’s Award. Numerous awards from engineering and architectural associations were also cited, including Project of the Year in 1988 by the American Society of Civil Engineers

  • As Owner’s Representative for Disney, Paul Gogulski oversaw design and construction on The Contemporary Resort Hotel in Orlando a $100 million award winning project. This project was one year behind schedule when Mr. Gogulski was called on-site - Completed on time

  • Venetian Casino Resort Las Vegas, NV

  • Sheraton Texas Hotel Ft. Worth, TX
  • US Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters Building, Maintenance and Repair Facility and Hanger for the Predator, Creech Air Force Base, Indian Springs, NV

  • US Army Corps of Engineers R-4 Detention Basin and Channel, Las Vegas, NV

  • Clark County, Las Vegas Monorail
Mr. Gogulski provides seminars for engineering and construction firms in New York, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar. He was a featured speaker for the Association of General Contractors, the Industrial Development Research Council, and Massachusetts High Technology Council.

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3/27/2017 · OSHA
When you hire a painter to paint your living room, or get your neighbor to help you build a shed on your property, whether you know it or not, you have just become an owner-builder who has inherited enormous risk as a contractor.

4/30/2014 · Construction
Attorneys often say that if Contractors just followed the terms of their contract, they would not have so many problems with payment of Change Orders. That is easy to say, but as a practical matter, it does not work that way. While clauses in the contract require submittal of estimates and approval before proceeding, most Change Orders impose an unstated requirement for immediate implementation, thereby contradicting some of the terms stated in the same contract. Failure to proceed usually results in delay, additional costs, and sometimes puts the entire project at risk.

7/9/2013 · Construction
Two highly successful projects provide insight into the discipline of Urban Design which improves planning and enhances development of mega projects. This article shares Mr. Gogulski's experience with Disney's master planning organization, WED Enterprises during construction of the Contemporary Resort Hotel at Orlando, Florida, and as Development Manager for Kaiser Engineers on Boston's Southwest Corridor.

6/17/2013 · Construction
Yes, if you are in the construction business, you had better learn to love litigation. The trends show litigation is increasing every year, and likely to increase for the foreseeable future.

3/27/2013 · Construction
An interesting story that appeared in the NY Daily News states that New York City jobsite accidents are up 31 percent from 2011 to 2012 with injuries increasing 46 percent during that time too.

2/22/2013 · Construction
Working with attorneys, general contractors and owners throughout the world, construction expert Paul Gogulski learned the ins and outs of Vince Lombardi's famous rule: "Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing." It has been said that this well-known quotation regarding winning encapsulates what is purportedly wrong with competitive sports.

12/17/2012 · Construction
In 1999, I was working with a major electrical subcontractor on a life-safety system for the Venetian Casino Resort in Las Vegas after winning a $3 million dollar bid on the project.

Construction expert Paul Gogulski’s seminars in Qatar were a huge success. He was recently featured in Qatar's Construction Sites magazine this month for his seminars along with a trio of responses on his seminar.