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Digitial Forensics Consultant Patrick Siewert

Patrick J. Siewert
Digital Forensic Examiner
P.O. Box 70177
Richmond VA 23229
phone: 804-588-9877
Professional Digital Forensic Consulting, LLC is a full-service digital forensic consultation and examination service for the legal community, corporations, IT professionals and Human Resource practitioners. They provide a full range of digital forensic examination services and offer nearly 15 years of decorated law enforcement experience along with numerous trainings in digital forensics and certification as an expert witness in criminal trials. Above all, they adhere to the forensic methodology and incorporate best practices to deliver superior service.

For Private Investigators:
  • Mobile Data Extraction & Analysis from smart phones, tablets & cell phones
  • Retrieval of artifacts such as messaging/chats, internet history & email from mobile devices or computers
  • Recovery of deleted items, both on mobile & desktop computer platforms
  • Documentation of pictures, video, etc. stored on computers & mobile devices
For Corporations:
  • Employee violations of acceptable use of company computers, networks & mobile devices
  • Disgruntled current or former employee investigations
  • Theft or pilfering of intellectual property, including trade secrets
  • Suspected fraud, embezzlement or waste & abuse of company resources
For Parents:
  • Examination of cell/smart phone to retrieve messages, call history, internet history, pictures, videos etc.
  • Examination of other portable electronic devices, such as tablets, to detail online activity and usage
  • Examination of computer hard drives and computer systems
Principal and Lead Forensic Examiner, Patrick J. Siewert, is a law enforcement veteran of 15 years with dozens of high-tech investigations and Digital Forensic Examinations completed to unprecedented results in the Commonwealth of Virginia, regionally, and internationally.

Mr. Siewert has successfully completed training at the best governmental facilities who specialize in training law enforcement in the forensic methodology, with emphasis on the integrity of the forensic process. These facilities include the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), the National Computer Forensic Institute (NCFI), and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) as well as private sector resources.

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