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Forensic Fingerprint Consultant Carla Murray Newman

Newman Forensic Services
Carla Murray Newman
Latent Fingerprint Examiner
P.O. Box 246810
Sacramento CA 95824
phone: 916-970-5965
Carla Murray Newman is a Certified Latent Print Examiner with extensive latent print comparison experience. She is a recognized Subject Matter Expert (SME) in latent print analysis and crime scene investigations within international and domestic law enforcement and military agencies.

Certified by the International Association for Identification, Ms. Murray Newman is a proactive, performance-driven forensic scientific investigator and laboratory manager leading cradle to grave processing of complex crime scenes, inclusive of collecting, documenting, photographing, and packaging of evidence.

Consulting - Ms. Murray Newman has working relationships with law enforcement, military commands, and public and private sector leaders. She is a strong mentor and trainer, developing forensic staff and laboratory training producing peak performance teams. She was called upon to lead Police Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) instruction in Forensic Identification and Crime Scene Investigation to recruits, forensic investigators, and veteran officers.

Ms. Murray Newman remains current on forensics trends via publications, education, and training. She is available for media interviews where she provides televised re-enactments and multi-media presentations for information dissemination and training.

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