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Forensic Video Analysis Consultant Amy Hak

AmyLynn Hak
Certified Forensic Video Analysis Expert
phone: 403-813-0343
AmyLynn Hak is a Forensic Video Analysis Expert who was among the first group of Forensic Video Analysts to be certified in North America in 2006. She obtained her certification from the Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association (LEVA) after an extensive period of academic and practical training. In addition to Forensic Video Analysis, she provides state of the art 3D Crime Scene Diagrams and 2D/3D Modeling services.

Ms. Hak is an experienced Forensic Video Analyst. She has presented at conferences speaking to legal professionals, law enforcement, and forensic scientists. Ms. Hak offers specialized training and presentations on the following topics:
  • Forensic Video Analysis
  • Compression Schemes
  • Scientific Theory for Forensic Scientists
  • Adobe Creative Cloud for Forensic Video Analysts
  • Presenting and Defending Forensic Video Evidence
Ms. Hak has worked in Law Enforcement and the Forensic Sciences since 2001. She began her career as a Forensic Scientist with the Minneapolis Police Department. In this position she processed all types of crime scenes and specialized in forensic video analysis. Forensic Video Analysis has been her sole focus professionally since 2011. Ms. Hak has a solid foundation in the sciences and brings an objective approach to all of her casework. Ms. Hak is also available for private consultation in the following areas:
  • Video Comparison Analysis
  • Timeline Analysis
  • Camera Alignment
  • Video Editing
  • Audio Editing
  • Interpretation of Video Evidence
  • Photo / Video Comparison Analysis
  • Video Redaction & Vetting Services
  • Authentication of Video & Still Images
  • Speed Estimation Analysis
  • Traffic Light Analysis at Intersections
  • Use of Force and Motion Analysis
  • Image Enhancement
  • Determination of Fault for Insurance Purposes
  • Infrared Cameras
  • Frame Rate
  • 2D & 3D Crime Scene Modeling
  • Correct Format & Player Analysis
  • Compression
  • Crime Scene Diagrams
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