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Healthcare Management Consultant Jon Wampler

Jon R. Wampler
Healthcare Management Consultant
88 Westcourt Ln
San Antonio TX 72857
phone: 949-933-8823
Jon R. Wampler, the former CEO/President of PacifiCare of California, has over thirty years of experience in Healthcare Management. Experience operating a $6 Billion, 4000 employee HMO/Medicare risk program serving 2.2 Million insureds puts Jon Wampler in the company of very few CEOs in the US. The breadth of his experience in almost every facet of managed health care enables him to integrate knowledge from a wide variety of sources to bring to bear in the areas of physician and healthcare company practice and expert witness testimony, service to corporate boards, and education.

Strategic, Tactical and Operational Business Practice Consulting - Over the past 14 years, Mr. Wampler's guidance has helped companies of various sizes reach a number of goals in Managed Healthcare operations, Physician, Hospital and Ancillary Care Contract Negotiations, Capitation, Sales and Marketing Operations, Training and Development, Acquisitions, etc.

Board Services - Mr. Wampler has considerable experience in the governance of corporations of all sizes. He has successfully guided the positioning of several companies for IPOs. He is an experienced Audit Committee member and has been chair of the Compensation Committee at Clarient, Inc. His board assignments have included Clarient, U.S. Tech Services, American Career College, Portico, Therapy Solutions, California Stem Cell and PHM Health.

Education Services - A teacher at heart, Mr. Wampler spends a considerable amount of his discretionary time with students. Whether lecturing to MBA graduate students on the importance of ethical management or talking basic business concepts with undergrads, he engages the imagination of his audience and propels them to understanding. Leadership, applied ethics, managed care 101, and corporate governance are topics he speaks on regularly.

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5/14/2014 · Healthcare
When Congress recessed and members returned to their districts, they mostly heard, "Keep your hands off my healthcare!" In light of the government's recent inability to successfully establish, operate and pay auto dealers accurately and on time in a straightforward and seemingly simple process (cash for clunkers), what can we expect from a government bureaucracy charged with operating an extremely complex healthcare system that is neither straightforward nor simple?