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Industrial Hygiene Occupational Safety Consultant Michelle Copeland

Michelle A. Copeland, CIH
Certified Industrial Hygienist
14900 Interurban Avenue South
Suite 271-B
Seattle WA 98168
phone: 206-729-5018
fax: 253-449-0613
Michelle A. Copeland, CIH is a Certified Industrial Hygienist in Seattle, Washington who has worked actively in the field of occupational safety and health for 35 years.

In 1978, as Regional Industrial Hygienist for Scott Paper Co. in Everett, WA, she designed and implemented the first formal regional programs for asbestos management, confined space entry, and medical surveillance.

In 1997, as Staff Safety Coordinator for Kaiser Aluminum in Tacoma, WA, her responsibilities included long-term strategic safety planning, safety program/training development and implementation, safety auditing, coaching/counseling, accident investigation, data analysis/ presentation, and interface with management, employees and contractors. Her work instituting a competency-based safety training program resulted in significantly improved production, with reduced injury rates and employee turnover.

During the remainder of her career, she has worked as a consultant, continuing to assist employers and employees to understand and implement Safety and Health Regulations and to solve safety and health-related problems, including Crisis Management and Emergency Planning.

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