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Machine Safety Consultant Brian Huber

Brian Huber
8595 Columbus Pike, #222
Lewis Center OH 43035
phone: 740-816-9178
Machine Safety Specialists, LLC, has over 60 years of experience helping companies overcome Machine Guarding and Plant Safety obstacles. Working with OSHA since 1977, they have a strong background in machine controls, instrumentation, and training.

Services Include:
  • Develop a Comprehensive Risk Assessment Program
  • Identify Machine Safety Problems with Photographs and Videotapes
  • Build a Control Reliable System that Reduces Downtime
  • Easy to Understand Specific Machine Guarding Reports
  • Customized Machine Safety Training
  • Efficient Design Safety Systems
Principal, Brian Huber is a Machine Safety Expert with over 20 years of experience designing control reliable systems and risk assessment programs. He has attended OSHA Machine Guarding Schools 204 and 204A, OSHA Electrical Safety School 309A, OSHA 501, and the ASSE Workshops for ASP certification, NPFA 79 and 70E.

A member of ASSE, Mr. Huber has been authorized by OSHA to conduct General Industry 10 and 30 Hour Training and has also been certified as a PMMI trainer. He has trained hundreds of industrial customers in the US, Germany, and Japan.

Mr. Huber's expertise with machine guarding products has been recognized by major manufacturers of machine guarding products and he has advised on new product development and applications. Since 1996, he has been deeply involved in machine safety and has consulted with many companies to improve their machine safety programs.

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