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Materials Biomedical Mechanical Engineering Consultants Materials Science Associates

John Jarrell
315 Commerce Park Road
North Kingstown Rhode Island 02852
United States
phone: (800) 672-6721
fax: (401) 667-0993
Materials Science Associates, LLC provides Biomedical Engineering, Metallurgical, Materials Science, and Mechanical Engineering consulting services. They use specialized knowledge combined with collaborative resources to solve complex problems. Materials Science Associates has over 25 years of experience in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering with specialize training in Medical Science to provide unique solutions for clients needing legal opinions, manufacturing consultation and research support services. Their services are available for Government, Hospital, Legal, Insurance, Medical, and Manufacturing needs. Materials Science Associates has been contracted to provide consulting services on medical device design, analysis and research by the Rhode Island Hospital's Orthopaedic Trauma Research Laboratory, the US Department of Veteran's Affairs, and the US Department of Justice. The engineers and scientists at Materials Science perform the following services:
  • Failure Analysis
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Product Design
  • Materials Analysis
  • Medical Devices
  • Process and Site Evaluations
  • Biomaterial / Medical Implant Design & Testing
  • Implant Retrieval and Storage
  • Fabrication
  • Surgery
  • John JarrellDr. John D. Jarrell, PhD, PE, is an experienced multi-discipline engineer specializing in the analysis of complex designs and failures involving Materials, Mechanical and Biological Systems. He earned three degrees from Brown University, a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Materials Science and Engineering and a Doctorate in Biology, Medical Science and Engineering and received Medical training in histology, physiology, microbiology and pathology. He has a faculty appointment in the Department of Orthopaedics at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University.

    Dr. Jarrell holds several US and foreign patents issued or pending for green energy and medical applications. He is the author of multiple peer reviewed publications and abstracts on materials and coatings and a guide book on materials selection for designers. Dr. Jarrell's collaborative work has been published with investigators at Brown University Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biotechnology, and the Division of Engineering, Rhode Island Hospital’s Orthopedic Research Laboratories, and the VA Center for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine.

    Jay VincelliJay M. Vincelli, M.Sc, PE, is an experienced multi-discipline engineer specializing in Computational Analysis of Biomechanical Implants and Aviation Components, Fracture Analysis, and Chemical and Metallurgical Analysis of steel, aluminum, titanium, and nickel-based alloys. With expertise in Medical Device Retrieval, Wear Analysis, and Aviation Failure Analysis, he is actively involved in engineering analysis, design, product development and research.

    Mr. Vincelli has filed for a provisional patent covering a miniaturized cardiopulmonary bypass circuit for transgenic mouse testing. He is the author of a peer reviewed publication on a study of laser cleaning and pulsed gas tungsten arc welding of titanium alloy tubes. His collaborative work has been published with investigators at the University of Virginia Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center in Cherry Point, NC.

    Donald MongDonald L. Mong, PI, is a highly experienced Traffic Accident Reconstructionist, Private Investigator, Forensic Photographer, and Certified Master Diving Instructor. He is a 22 year Veteran Police Officer with 15 years of experience as a Traffic Officer. He has investigated over 2,000 traffic accidents, including many fatalities and serious injuries involving automobiles, buses, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. He spent 10 years as a Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Instructor.

    Mr. Mong He has a degree in Administration of Justice from Roger Williams University, Bristol, Rhode Island and teaches courses in Motorcycle, Pedestrian and Vehicle Accident Reconstruction at the University of Rhode Island. He spent 10 years as a Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Instructor. He has conducted extensive hands-on research and training in traffic accident reconstruction, including conducting over 20 low, medium and high speed crash tests. As a police underwater diver and Police Diving Instructor, he also trained Police Offices in evidence and body recovery.

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