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Medical Coding Reimbursement Consultant Morin Spatz

Patrice Morin-Spatz, CPC, CMSCS, CHCI, CPMA
P.O. Box 12805
Dallas TX 75225
phone: 972-955-4855
MedBooks, Incorporated specializes in Medical Coding and Reimbursement. The company works with individuals, groups, and organizations, including students, educators, physicians, insurance companies, associations, attorneys, and others within the medical, educational, governmental, and professional industries.

MedBooks services include:
  • Retroactive Billing
  • Medical Coding Audits
  • Medical Coding Seminar
  • Medical Coding In-house Consultations
  • Physician Fee Reviews
  • Super-Bill Reviews
  • Medical Chart Reviews
  • CPC Exam Prep Classes
  • E/M Coding Reviews
  • Physician Practice Audits
  • MedBooks was founded by Patrice Morin-Spatz, CPC, CMSCS, CHCI after leaving the American Medical Association as editor of their CPT Book. She is the only former editor of the AMA's CPT book to publish her own line of "how-to" books, and her "cpTeach" series represents the first and oldest annually updated line in the industry.

    Ms. Morin-Spatz has published more than 20 medical coding and medical reference titles and presently owns more than 50 copyrights. She is an award winning author having been recognized by the Text and Academic Authors Association and the Independent Book Publishers Association for several of her books. Additionally, she has taught more than 35,000 individuals proper coding techniques since 1984.

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    Patrice Morin-Spatz, et al.
    The oldest book in the industry and published by a former author of the AMA's CPT book. Based on 30+ years of experience, including medical coding audits, seminars, in-house consultations, retro-active coding and billing, and expert testimony, MedBooks cp"Teach" provides individuals with easy-to-use, yet comprehensive information in the areas of CPT, HCPCS, ICD, medical terminology and anatomy.
    Patrice Morin-Spatz, et al.
    The first and only book of its kind in the industry. AccuPCS is a copyrighted reference tool designed to save you time and money. All information is taken at the time of printing from the most current information from The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). All HCPCS Level II codes are listed alphabetically both as CMS has defined PLUS utilizing key words.
    Patrice Morin-Spatz, et al.
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