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Psychology Consultant Rona M Fields

Rona M. Fields, PhD
1618 Myrtle St. NW
Washington DC 20012
phone: 202-882-8833
Rona M. Fields, PhD, is am internationally recognized Clinical Psychologist with specialties in Forensics and Neuropsychology, as well as particular clinical practice experience in pediatrics and geriatrics.

Dr. Fields has been a practicing clinical psychologist in the DC Metropolitan area since 1977. She has been affiliated with Montgomery County Public Schools as an administrative psychologist developing the program for compliance with PL94-142 and the LEAA.

As a consultant, Dr. Fields is best known for her work on terrorism and developing health care delivery systems in conditions of violence. She has worked with individuals and families of many diverse ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds having consulted for agencies in the United States and abroad. Dr. Fields is currently the National Spokesperson for the Children’s Rights Council.

Consulting Services:
  • Researcher on Women in Development - Health Care and Energy Systems
  • Immigration, Examination and Treatment of Torture Victims
  • Crisis Intervention - Hostage Negotiations
  • Treatment and Training of Crisis Work
Dr. Fields has been a member the faculty and a Senior Research Fellow at George Washington University, Howard University, George Mason University, and several universities abroad. Her publications include eight books, many book chapters and professional and mainstream publications, and multimedia productions. Dr. Fields is a Past President of the District of Columbia Psychological Association and a Fellow of the American Psychological Association. She is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in the District of Columbia and Virginia and serves on several insurance company panels.

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Rona M. Fields, PhD
This book is a journey through time and across the globe to bring to light the roots of sanctioned violence against women. The author utilizes an interdisciplinary approach combining psychology, sociology, anthropology, and women’s studies to examine cases and causes of gender-based atrocities in Afghanistan, Sudan, China, India, Siberia, and Europe.
Rona M. Fields, PhD
The book is a compendium of Fields’ lectures in Women’s Studies and describes, as of 1985, the progress and aspirations of the women’s movement internationally through the United Nations Decade for Women.
Rona M. Fields, PhD
Other books include: Society Under Siege: A Psychology of Northern Ireland; The Portuguese Revolution and the Armed Forces Movement; Northern Ireland: Society Under Siege; Martyrdom: The Psychology, the Theology, and politics of self-sacrifice; A Society on the Run