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Real Estate Consultant Lois Kadosh

Real Estate Broker & Educator
1563 Solano Avenue, #426
Berkeley CA 94709
phone: 510-525-2694 or 510-325-6825
fax: 510-525-2694
Lois Kadosh is a Real Estate Broker who has been providing attorneys with Pre-Litigation Case Evaluation, Expert Witness, and Litigation Support since 1987. She stands ready to testify to the standard of care and practices of California sales agents and supervising brokers with respect to Real Property Transactions and Auctions.

A real estate educator since 1983, Ms. Kadosh has taught numerous continuing education and college-level courses, including Real Estate Practice at UC Berkeley Extension. In addition, she is the revision author of the Real Estate Practice Instructor and Student Study Guides for the California Community College system. Ms. Kadosh authored the Ethics chapter for the McGraw-Hill Real Estate Handbook.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Real Estate Ethics
  • Agency Relationships
  • Fiduciary Duty
  • Due Diligence and Disclosure
  • 10/30/2012 · Real Estate
    Throughout the country, real estate agents are celebrating the wonders of sending contracts and disclosures to their clients electronically. The paperless transaction has become an admirable and reachable goal with the unintended side effect of increasing risks in real estate transactions.

    11/4/2011 · Real Estate
    Much of an individual's success as a real estate broker or salesperson is built on the good reputation he or she develops with buyers, sellers, affiliates and other licensees. Staying on a steady course, however, is not as easy as it seems. In fact, licensees may actually lose business, particularly with sellers who do not want their agent to disclose everything he or she knows about the subject property.

    9/29/2011 · Real Estate
    Licensees cannot practice real estate in a vacuum; knowledge of real estate laws, codes of ethics, agency relationships and disclosures all merge together to give them the basis from which they may effectively practice their craft and continue to build competence and confidence.