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Roofing Building Envelope Consultant Thomas Hamilton

Thomas E. Hamilton, AIA, RRC, NCARB
23 Ridgeview Drive
East Rochester NY 14445
phone: 585-385-9078
Advanced Roof Consulting provides forensic analysis for Complex Building Defect issues. For serious damage to homes, support for insurance claims, or performance issues with newly constructed homes, Advanced Roof Consulting can help determine the true cause and what to do next.

Principal, Thomas E. Hamilton, AIA, RRC, NCARB, is a registered architect in New York State, certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). He is also a Registered Roof Consultant with the national Roof Consultants Institute. With more than 40 years of experience helping companies and homeowners with their most complex and frustrating roof and wall problems, he is a nationally recognized expert in issues surrounding the Building Envelope.

Mr. Hamilton has more than 40 years of experience with all types of buildings. He also offers clients a highly skilled and systematic approach to the most complex and frustrating roof, wall, and construction problems. His combined background and experience in architecture, roofing and construction enable him to provide a wide range of expertise and value-added services to his clients.

Working as an independent consultant, Mr. Hamilton uses his proprietary systems to provide accurate, objective information and clear communication to help resolve building envelope performance issues. His Roof Report Card® and Wall Report Card® inspection services provide objective reporting and analyses for a wide variety of complex building problems. The information he gathers for these reports is then used to help design, maintain, negotiate, arbitrate, and litigate roofing, insulation, and building envelope solutions for lasting performance.

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