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Technology Consultant Oded Gottesman

Telecommunication / Technology Consultant
Los Altos Hills CA USA
phone: 650-241-9231
fax: 425-790-0949
Oded Gottesman, PhD, CTO of Compandent Inc., provides world-class expertise and experience in working with leading law firms, expert witness services, prior art search, and related consulting for Technology Patent Infringement, Trade Secret Disputes, and related matters.

Consulting Services - Dr. Gottesman provides consulting services for Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Research and Development and implementation, and the licensing of intellectual property. His work includes patent infringement disputes, prior art searches, source code review, and hardware review.

Selected Background Experience:
  • International patents in the area of speech coding, and transmission over degraded channel such as cellular networks and packetized networks
  • Researcher in AT&T Bell Labs. Murray Hills, NJ
  • Research and development projects for National Security Agency (NSA) and NATO
  • Contributed to the United States Department of Defense voice compression standard MIL-STD-3005, and NATO standard STANAG-4591
Areas of Expertise:
  • DSP
  • Telecommunications
  • Cellular Networks (4G LTE, 3GPP, 3GPP2, etc.)
  • Packetized Networks
  • VoIP
  • Streaming Systems
  • Real-time Systems
  • Cellular Timing and Synchronization
  • Location and Position Systems (UTDOA, GPS, etc.)
  • Transcoding - Multiple Timing Sources, Data Rates
  • Source Coding
  • Channel Coding
  • Error Control Coding
  • Algorithms
  • Speech Audio and Video Processing
  • Signal Compression
  • Algorithms
  • Software, Hardware Implementation
  • Embedded Systems
  • Smartphones
  • Portable Devices
  • Client-server
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
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