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Toxicology Consultant Jenifer Heath

Jenifer S. Heath, PhD
PO BOX 371136
Denver CO 80237
phone: 303-726-9601
Jenifer-Heath-Toxicology-Human Risk-Assessment-Photo.jpg
Helping clients understand the potential health effects of chemical exposures.

Consulting Services: Independent Technical Review of risk assessments, toxicology summaries or other similar documents. Document writing/Preparation. Management of preparation of risk assessments and negotiations related to the risk assessment process.

Jenifer S. Heath, PhD, is a Toxicologist with over 25 years of experience in Toxicology Consulting and Human Health Risk Assessment. She is also a Registered Nurse, licensed to practice in several states.

Risk Assessments - Dr. Heath has managed and contributed to hundreds of risk assessments for contaminated sites under many regulatory programs (including state and federal Superfunds, RCRA, UST, and property transfers). These risk assessments have involved a variety of media (soil, mine waste and tailings, groundwater, surface water, ambient air, indoor air, food sources) and a range of constituents (including total petroleum hydrocarbon, pesticides, solvents, metals, PAHs, PCBs, asbestos, and explosives).

Risk-based Strategies - Dr. Heath develops risk-based strategies for RCRA Corrective Actions, Superfund sites, and brownfield or redevelopment sites, including risk-based screening of source areas, facility-wide evaluation of exposure pathways, and site-specific, facility-wide assessment of risks to humans and ecological receptors. Her services ultimately contribute to cost-effective site investigation / characterization, remediation, and long-term monitoring.

Mammalian Toxicology - Dr. Heath also applies her expertise in mammalian toxicology, focusing on strategic evaluation of the hazards associated with chemicals of interest. Her work has included in-depth evaluation of information about the toxicity of chemicals in both laboratory animals and humans; appropriate application of knowledge about mechanisms of action; and effective integration of this information into risk assessment, risk management, and community relations efforts.

Dr. Heath has authored or co-authored over 50 publications, and has written and edited newsletters on