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Anatomic Forensic Pathology Expert Witness Mark Flomenbaum

Mark Flomenbaum, MD, PhD
62 Todd Pond Road
Lincoln MA 01773
phone: 203-451-1336
Mark Flomenbaum, MD, PhD is Board Certified in both Anatomic and Forensic Pathology, and is licensed to practice medicine in New York, Massachusetts, Maine, and California. Dr. Flomenbaum has extensive experience as a forensic pathologist in over twenty years as a Medical Examiner. He has served in several leadership roles including the City of New York, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the State of Maine, and Director of Autopsy Services at Boston Medical Center. Dr. Flomenbaum also served in leadership roles during the 911 World Trade Center disaster and American Airlines flight 587 disaster.

Dr. Flomenbaum has certified the cause and manner of death in over 6,000 cases and has testified in over 200 trials (criminal, civil, and juvenile) in seven states and three federal jurisdictions. He provides highly effective expert witness opinions through written reports and pre-trial depositions – which can often obviate the need for a trial – that will culminate in expert trial testimony when needed.

Dr. Flomenbaum offers expert witness testimony in most aspects of Forensic Pathology, with special emphasis in:
  • Wound Interpretation
  • Autopsy Interpretation (Forensic and hospital-based)
  • Cardiovascular Pathology
  • Death Certification (Cause and Manner)
  • Post-mortem changes and artifacts
  • Post-mortem re-distribution of drugs
CV Available Upon Request

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