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Automotive Products Liability Expert Witness William Hagerty

William O. (Bill) Hagerty
Automotive Tire and Fire Expert
1835A South Center City, #511
Escondido CA 92025
phone: 619-981-8840
fax: 760-735-8074
William Hagerty Automotive Products Liability Expert PhotoWilliam O. (Bill) Hagerty is a Forensic Automotive Consultant. He has 20 years of experience evaluating and inspecting Tire / Auto Repair Shops that sell and/or service tires regarding compliance with Tire Industry Standards of Care. He has inspected and reported to clients on over 2,600 vehicles.

Litigation Support Mr. Hagerty has appeared at over 70 depositions, arbitrations, mediations, and trials. He has qualified to testify in state and federal courts and has been retained in cases in AZ, CA, FL, IL, MA, NV,OH, OR, PA, MA,TN, and TX.

Background Experience:
  • Standard of Care of Automotive / Tire Business – Having owned and operated a Tire and Auto Repair store, Mr. Hagerty is prepared to determine if the proper tires were selected, if they were properly mounted on the vehicle, and if there was a proper inspection of the vehicle/tires that should have located additional safety hazards
  • Tire Examination - Mr. Hagerty can determine if tires failed due to impact, poor repair, old age, etc, or if it needs further investigation by a laboratory as a possible defectively manufactured tire. He has taught courses on tires to insurance personnel and attorneys
Areas of Expertise and Coursework:
  • Risk Management / Standard of Care
  • Tire and Wheel Safety Issues (SAE)
  • Tire Litigation Issues
  • Radial Tread Belt Separations
  • Effects of Low Inflation Pressure
  • Analysis of Irregular Tire Wear
  • Wheel Torque
  • Tire Installation and Repair
  • Tire Forensics
  • Tire Failure Analysis
  • Effects of Tire Aging
  • Bead Compression Grooving
  • The TREAD Act