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Aeronautical / Aerospace / Aerodynamics Engineering Expert Witnesses

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Meherwan P. Boyce
Ph.D., P.E., CEng, Fellow ASME (US), IDGTE (UK)
2121 Kirby Drive, 28N
Houston TX 77019
phone: 713-807-0888
fax: 713-807-0088
Meherwan P. BoyceDr. Meherwan P. Boyce, Ph.D., P.E., CEng, Fellow ASME (US), IDGTE (UK), IMechE (UK), NAFE (US); has 50 years of experience in the field of TurboMachinery in both industry and academia. His industrial experience covers 20 years as Chairman and CEO of Boyce Engineering International, and five years as a designer of Compressors and Turbines for Gas Turbines for Various Gas Turbine Manufacturers. He is committed to providing leading edge technologies, in areas of infrastructure projects and specialized Engineering skills, in energy, Turbomachinery, corrosion, and environment related areas.
Areas of Expertise:
  • Aerodynamics
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Bio-Engineering
  • Cogeneration
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • TurboMachinery
  • Heavy Fuels Combustion
  • Performance Evaluation of Combined Cycle Power Plants
Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness Testimony:
  • Combustion Turbines
  • Steam Turbines
  • Compressors
Meherwan P. Boyce, PhD, PE
This comprehensive Handbook has been fully updated and expanded for the second edition. It covers all major aspects of power plant design, operation, and maintenance. It includes not only an updating of the technology, which has taken great leaps forward in the last decade, but also introduces new subjects such as Carbon Sequestration Technology, Chemical Treatment of Water used in Combined Cycle Power Plants, and extended treatments on Steam Turbines and Heat Recovery Steam Generators. This is an extensive treatise with 145 figures and photographs illustrating the many problems associated with Combined Cycle Power Plants and some of the solutions that have enabled plants to achieved higher efficiencies and reliability.
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Daniel Rapperport
8 Wallis Court
Lexington MA 02421
phone: 781-862-9001 or 339-222-2822
Rapperport Associates, Inc., provides exceptional capability in Failure Analysis, Fire and Explosion Investigation, Accident Reconstruction, Structural Analysis, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials Science.

We have provided superior technical support for litigation since 1974, and possess an extraordinarily talented technical team with impeccable academic and industrial credentials and proven analysis capability. Our team of distinguished scientists and engineers is drawn principally from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) and Stanford University.


Failure Analysis
  • Structural Design Analysis
  • Metallurgical Failures
  • Finite Element Stress Analysis
  • Fracture and Fatigue Analysis
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Corrosion

  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Automobiles / Trucks
  • Biomechanics / Injury Mechanism
  • Off-Road Vehicles
  • Occupant Motion
  • Aircraft
  • Animation

  • Fire & Explosion Analysis
  • Cause and Origin
  • Electrical
  • Gases, Liquids and Dust
  • Industrial Processes
  • ........Safety
  • Machine and Industrial Safety
  • Machine Guarding
  • Construction Failures
  • Slips, Trips, Falls

  • Engineering
  • Mechanical
  • Structural / Civil
  • Metallurgy
  • Materials Science
  • Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Electrical
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    255 Avian Lane
    Madison AL 35758
    phone: 256-457-9782
    Greg H. Parlier, PhD (Colonel, US Army, Retired), began his Army career as a section leader in an airborne infantry battalion and retired as the senior, most experienced Operations Research (OR) Analyst on active duty. A career Air Defense Artillery officer, Dr. Parlier was stationed overseas in the Far East, Europe, and Southwest Asia. A combat veteran with 5 operational deployments, he is the recipient of more than 35 decorations, foreign awards, campaign, and service medals.

    Dr. Parlier currently serves as a Defense Analyst and Systems Engineering Consultant. With over 40 years experience in leadership, management, strategic planning, and organizational innovation, his unique qualifications and expertise include building, developing, and leading multi-disciplinary teams confronting transformational challenges in large commands and complex organizations. He has been an advisor to: commercial firms ranging from small hi-tech start-ups to Fortune 100 consulting companies; US Government organizations, including senior OR advisor supporting US Forces in Iraq; and several foreign governments.

    Author of numerous professional journal articles and an award-winning text, Dr. Parlier has presented over 200 papers on Military Operations Research, Army Manpower and Officer Personnel Policy, and National Security Resource Challenges at a wide variety of national and international conferences during the past 25 years. A former West Point professor and Professional Engineer, he is adjunct professor of Operations Research at a top research university and member of several National Academies of Sciences and Engineering special studies.

    Dr. Parlier is Program Chair for the annual International Conferences on Operations Research and Enterprise Systems, Past President of INFORMS MAS, and Editorial Board Chair for Phalanx: The Magazine of National Security Analyses.

    Education :
    • PhD, Systems Engineering, Wesleyan International University
    • MS, Operations Research, Naval Postgraduate School
    • MA, National Security Studies, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University
    • BS, Engineering, US Military Academy, West Point
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      Bill O'Donnell, Jr.
      2940 South Park Road
      Bethel Park PA 15102
      phone: 412-835-5007
      fax: 412-835-5017
      O'Donnell Consulting Engineers, Inc. (OCE) provides engineering, failure analysis, metallurgy, and expert witness services. Providing analytical, design, testing, and technical problem solving services for more than 30 years, our extensive experience gives us credibility in expert witness testimony. Our results are based on quantified engineering principles and analysis- not just opinions. We have testified in International, Federal, and State Courts, presenting comprehensive technical reports, models, and simulations that are easily understood by Judges and Juries.

      Services Offered:
    • Mechanical Engineering: Design and analysis services including finite element analysis. Troubleshooting and providing design repair solutions.
    • Failure Analysis: Metallurgy, analysis, and testing of components to determine root cause of structural failures and fires/explosions.
    • Product Liability & Patent Infringement
    • Sample Cases:
    • Power plants
    • Petrochemical facilities
    • Dams
    • Heat exchangers
    • Piping
    • Pumps
    • Valves
    • Machine tools
    • Welded structures
    • Appliances
    • Sport equipment
    • "We are often asked to solve simple to complex engineering problems - the key to our effectiveness has been our ability to integrate interdisciplinary talent in materials science and engineering" - Bill O'Donnell, President
      The largest storage rack/ retrieval system, larger than two football fields and eighty feet wide was constructed to store 108 million pounds of paper products. On July, 2002, after two months of use, the facility collapsed and sparked a fire that destroyed the entire structure and 45 million pounds of paper. Nearly 50 fire departments responded to the inferno, which burned for three weeks. The owner of the facility sued a number of companies that included the contractor that designed and built the structure, a subcontractor, and the company that supplied the 110 foot steel columns.

      4/5/2013 · Engineering
      A comprehensive engineering analysis was performed on a coke oven battery roof and heating walls. Coke oven batteries are constructed with refractory bricks.

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      Anthony G. Micale, Aerospace Engineer, BSME, MBA
      Paul J. Micale, Pilot, Masters Aeronautical Science
      Aircraft Design, Operations and Flight Experts
      Global Reach
      Based in Southern California, USA
      Solvang CA USA
      phone: 805-688-5035 (Office) 805-729-5989 (Cell)
      Micale Partners has over 60 years of combined technical and operations experience in Aircraft Design and Operation, Space Launch Vehicle Design and Operation and Automotive Design. They provide services to clients both nationally and internationally.

      Micale Partners combines expertise in aerospace design, aircraft flight and airline operations. This combination provides the client a consulting resource that understands how a system should be designed, fabricated, assembled and used. The depth and complete knowledge of aviation allow Micale Partners to serve as a formidable expert witness resource. The experts at Micale Partners also provide a diverse background of industry experience ranging from aircraft to automotive to space launch vehicles.

      Litigation Support Services:
      • Documentation Review
      • Failure Root Cause Investigation
      • Engineering Corrective Action Definition
      • Transcript Review / Process Review
      • Event, Incident, or Accident Timeline Mapping
    • Event Recreation
    • Design Deficiencies Failure
    • Vehicle Performance
    • Fact Finding Analysis
    • Human Factors Assessment
    • Anthony Micale Aerospace Automotive Engineering Expert PhotoAnthony G. Micale, BSME, MBA, has over 32 years of Aerospace and Automotive Engineering experience, including rigorous Failure Analysis. Mr. Micale is a dual citizen of the Unites States and the European Union. He has Top Secret Clearance TS/SCI – Special Intelligence (SI) / Talent Keyhole (TK)and Department Of Defense (DOD) Secret Clearance.

      Mr. Micale is also currently employed at The Aerospace Corporation, a Federally Funded Research and Development Corporation where he contributes to US space flight mission assurance. He has specialized in aerospace design and operation of flight and space vehicles with an emphasis on Flight Safety and Mission Assurance. Mr. Micale is a past technical leader of an aircraft accident and incident investigation board comprised of engineers, pilots and legal counsel for a major commercial aircraft manufacturer. In this role he has studied, understood, created reports and defined design changes to resolve aircraft safety issues.

      Over his career, Mr. Micale has conducted numerous analyses of root cause to determine failures attributed to: Design Flaws, Human Error, Human Workload, Improper Manufacturing, and Inadequate Maintenance. He has designed aircraft systems, conducted testing and performed evaluation that have led to aircraft certification with the FAA and the CAA. His experience includes interface with aircraft manufacturers, space vehicle manufactures, commercial aircraft operators and government agencies.

      Anthony Micale has also been employed by Ford Motor Company where he designed automotive vehicle powertrains and vehicle control systems. He has vehicle dynamics training and understands the basis for vehicle stability and car crash dynamics.

      Practice Areas:
      • Aerospace Engineering
      • Aircraft Engineering
      • Failure Investigation
      • Failure Analysis
      • Aircraft Safety
      • Risk Assessment
      • Flight Controls Systems Design
    • Human Factors
    • Hazardous Operations
    • Space Vehicle Design
    • Fact Finding Event Reconstruction
    • Technical Drawings
    • Throttle Control
    • Anti-Lock Brakes

    • Paul J. Micale, Pilot, Masters Aeronautical Science, is an active airline pilot with 26 years of flight experience 13 of which are under FAR Part 121. Specializing in Aviation and Aerospace and Transportation, he has over 7,200 flight hours with multiple ratings.

      A decorated veteran, Mr. Micale has also been forward deployed as a combat pilot with the US Army during 7 years of active duty. He has been a combat pilot in both the C-12 (Beechcraft 200) aircraft and the AH-64 Apache Attack helicopter.

      Mr. Micale's career includes continued service as a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserves where he has been a pilot and commander of flight units. As a military pilot, Mr. Micale has flown fixed and rotary wing helicopter aircraft. His education and experience emphasizes Flight Operations and Safety. He has Department Of Defense (DOD) Secret Clearance.

      Paul Micale is a licensed civilian Airline Transport Pilot with type rating as Pilot in Command and is currently employed by American Eagle Airlines as a CRJ-700 Pilot and First Officer in the Canadair Regional Jet aircraft with 65 seat occupancy. He is FAA certified for CAT II instrument approaches and to fly in Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) airspace. Mr. Micale is type rated for this and other aircraft requiring an FAA type rating. He has a Masters of Aeronautical Science with a specialization in aviation safety from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

      Practice Areas:
      • Airline Pilot
      • Military Pilot
      • Aviation Pilot
      • Army Aviator / Army Pilot
      • Flight Operations
      • Helicopter Pilot
      • Aircraft Safety Risk Assessment
      • Human Factors
    • Crew Resource Management
    • FAR 121 Pilot
    • FAR Part 121 Pilot
    • FAR 135 Pilot
    • FAR Part 135 Pilot
    • Flight Safety
    • Aircraft Safety
    • Crewmember Fatigue.
    • View Micale Partners Consulting Profile.
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      Dr. James Rice
      3255 Avebury Lane
      Keswick VA 22947
      phone: 434-326-0148
      Dr. James Rice Mechanical Engineering Expert PhotoDr. James Rice has over 35 years of technical and managerial experience in both industry and academia. He has a strong technical background in broad areas of mechanical engineering ranging from fluid mechanics and heat transfer to basic design. Dr. Rice’s primary expertise is in computational methods and simulation in mechanical engineering. His mechanical engineering practice has focused in particular on the development and application of these methods to a diverse range of applications in industry, and has also used these methods in his litigation support activities.

      Dr. Rice has extensive experience as an expert witness in patent litigation involving issues in Mechanical Engineering. Over the last ten years, he has provided litigation support in more than 30 cases including approximately 25 patent cases. This experience has included the preparation of numerous expert reports, depositions, and trial testimony for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. His litigation support activities have also included testing and analysis as required to support his opinions.

      Dr. Rice is the author of over 30 technical publications and has consulted for over fifty companies. He has conducted over 200 seminars and short courses in the U.S., Europe, and the Orient, and has been an invited speaker at international engineering conferences.

      • Computational Methods
      • Heat Transfer / Thermodynamics
      • Turbomachinery
      • Combustion
      • Fluid Mechanics
    • Finite Element Analysis
    • Mechanical Design
    • Intellectual Property
    • Prior Art Review
    • Infringement & Invalidity
    • Industries and Applications:
      • Vehicle Aerodynamics
      • Passenger Compartment Flow
      • Underhood Flow & Heat Transfer
      • Intake & Exhaust Manifolds
      • Intake & Exhaust Valves
      • Engine Cooling Jackets
    • Power Steering Components
    • Cooling Fans
    • Fuel Delivery Systems
    • Ejectors
    • Control Valves
    • Torque Converters
    • Power Generation:Electronics:
      • Valves
      • Fossil & Nuclear Heat Exchangers
      • Thermal Stratification
      • Separation Systems
      • Combustion Systems
    • Enclosures
    • Heat Sinks
    • Natural / Forced Convection
    • Hard Drive Flow
    • Motors
    • HVAC:Turbomachinery:
      • Duct Systems and Components
      • Valves, Fittings
      • Flow & Temperature Distribution
      • Particle Dispersion
    • Pumps
    • Compressors
    • Blowers
    • Fans
    • Aerospace:
      • Aerodynamics
      • Wind tunnels
      • Rotor Loads
      6/24/2013 · Expert Witnessing
      Quite often when I receive an inquiry from an attorney about a new case, the case deals with a product or device that involves a very specialized and narrow area of design and engineering.

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      Dr. A.B. Thakker
      Ph.D., PE, FASM, CMFGE
      2839 Paces Ferry Road
      Overlook II, Suite 1160
      Atlanta GA 30339
      phone: 800-215-4468 or 404-771-2600
      fax: 770-234-4148
      Firm Profile: Established in 1996, Global Technology Experts, Inc. (GTE) specializes in providing multi-disciplinary engineering and scientific consulting, product testing, safety and forensic engineering services to manufacturers, defense and plaintiff attorneys, and to the insurance claims industry. Our professional staff includes engineers, scientists, and technical specialists who have years of experience and excel as experts in wide range of disciplines. GTE has investigated more then 350+ failure cases that include: Machinery/Equipment, Slip and Fall, Accident Reconstruction, Vehicle Rollover, Lift trucks, Bicycle, Generator/Battery, Tree stand, Construction Defects, Pump/Boiler/Chiller, Engine/Transmission, Weld joints, Corrosion, Fatigue, Polymers, Ceramics and Composite materials. GTE also specializes in Life assessment and durability analysis of prototype components etc.

      Areas of Expertise:
    • Electrical Failures
    • Motor/Generator Failures
    • Battery Failures
    • Accident Reconstruction
    • Tire Defects
    • Machinery & Equipment Failures
    • Construction Equipment Failure
    • Aircraft Engine/Structural Failure
    • Structural Engineering
    • Mechanical Metallurgy/Materials Failure
    • Fatigue & Corrosion
    • Product Failure Analysis
    • Bicycle, Ladder, Slip/trip & fall
    • Building Construction & Defect Analysis

    • Education: We have highly experienced and qualified staff:
    • PhD, Engineering Science & Materials, Virginia Tech
    • PhD, Electrical Engineering, Georgia Tech
    • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Auburn University
    • BS, Civil and Construction Engineering, Kansas State University
    • BS, Mechanical Engineering, S.U.N.Y., Buffalo, NY
    • MBA, Technology Management, Florida Institute of Technology

    • PE – Registered Professional Engineers
    • CMfgE – Certified Manufacture Engineer

      Professional Affiliations:
    • Southern Law Association
    • Atlanta Claims Association
    • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
    • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer
    • American Society of Civil Engineers
    • American Society of Materials
    • American Society of Nondestructive testing
    • American Welding Society
    • American Society of Testing Materials
    • Society of Aerospace, Materials and Process Engineers

    • Dr. Ash Thakker, PhD, PE, FASM,FSME, CMfgE (Structures, Materials, Fatigue, Fracture, Composites, Damage Tolerance)
    • Mr. George Kremer, BSME, AAS (Metallurgy, Corrosion, Coatings and Mechanical Failures)
    • Dr. Nicholas Propes, PhD (Electrical Machinery Failures, Maintenance Systems, Testing and Analysis)
    • Dr. Freeman Rufus, PhD (Battery/Motor/Generator Failure)
    • Dr. Jyoti Ajitsaria, PhD (Mechanical Failures)
    • Mr. Mike Healy, BS (Civil, Construction Engineering, Buildings)
    • Mr. Ralph Cunningham, BS (Physical Testing, Accident Reconstruction)
    • 11/20/2010 · Slip, Trip & Fall
      A "slip and fall" or "trip and fall" is the generic term for an injury which occurs when someone slips, trips or falls as a result of a dangerous or hazardous condition on someone else's property. It includes falls as a result of water, ice or snow, as well as abrupt changes in flooring, poor lighting, or a hidden hazard, such as a gap or hard to see hole in the ground

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      Steven J. Meyers
      President and Chief Technical Officer
      132 Clow International Parkway
      Bolingbrook IL 60490
      phone: 630-624-1347
      Steven Meyers Aviation Aircraft Safety Expert PhotoSteven J. Meyers is an experienced Aircraft Accident Investigator who combines scientific analysis, material science, laboratory testing, piloting expertise, aircraft maintenance, and human factors to investigate air safety issues. He has a Masters Degree in Aeronautical Science, BS in Engineering Physics, AS in Manufacturing Engineering Technology, and an Extension Diploma in Applied General Metallurgy.

      Aviation and Human Factors: Piloted / instructed in 60 different types of aircraft ranging from turbines to gliders to sea planes. Multi-engine, instrument rated commercial pilot, active flight instructor, FAA licensed Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic (A&P) with FAA Inspection Authorization(IA).

      Accident Investigator: Extensive experience investigating product liability claims. Applies scientific methodologies to accurately reconstruct and explain the circumstances of an accident. Investigations ranging from the in-flight failure of composite airframe structures to the use of unapproved parts to reconstructing ground vehicle incidents. Illinois licensed Private Detective.

      Material Scientist: Brings a strong experience in applying modern materials science coupled with a focus on failure analysis and the use of standardized testing techniques. Evaluates the effects of corrosion, temperature, and mechanical stresses on the performance of materials. Analysis performed on fractured thru-bolts, crankshafts, fuel pumps, carburetors, and bearings.

      Failure Analyst: Provides practical and comprehensive testing that is independent and unbiased. Capable of performing a broad range of tests to determine the strength, physical, chemical, and wear properties of metals, coatings, ceramics, composites, and plastics. Access to ASTM qualified test machines, optical microscopes, SEM, FTIR, load cells, and accelerometers.

      USAF Non-Commissioned Intelligence Officer: Confident public speaking skills with experience in preparing briefings and making recommendations to high-level military commanders

      Areas of Expertise:

    • Aircraft Design and Operation
    • Aircraft Performance
    • Avionics & Autopilots
    • Piloting & Training
    • Reciprocating Engines
    • Major Repairs & Alterations
    • Human Factors
    • TAA Aircraft
    • FAA Regulations & Certification
    • Wreckage ReconstructionIn-Flight Break-Ups
    • Mid-Air Collisions
    • Flight Path Reconstruction
    • Crashworthiness
    • Loss of Control
    • System Failures
    • In-Flight Fires
    • Cockpit Automation
    • Mechanical Testing
    • Material Compatibility
    • Patent Infringement
    • Failure Analysis
    • Composite Materials
    • Mechanical Fasteners
    • Tribology & Wear Testing
    • Fretting, Galling & Corrosion
    • Lubricants, Greases, & Fuels

    • View Steven Meyers' Consulting Profile.
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      13600 Marina Pointe Drive,Unit 1008
      Marina Del Rey CA 90292
      phone: 310-448-8885
      fax: 310-448-8886
      Robert L. Ditchey specializes in Aviation and Airline Maintenance. As a consultant for major airlines, financial institutions and aerospace manufacturers, Mr. Ditchey's Areas of Expertise include the following:
    • Airline Accident Investigation
    • Airline Insurance
    • Airline Maintenance & Operations
    • Federal Aviation Regulations
    • Aircraft Design, Performance and Analysis
    • Aircraft Purchase and Lease Agreements
    • Maintenance Records and Procedures
    • Airline contracts
    • Airline pilot, Mechanic and Aircrew Training
    • Expert Witness
    • Education:
    • AE (Aeronautical Engineer), California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 1973
    • MS (Aeronautical Engineering), Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA 1969
    • BS, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD 1962
    • Honors & Awards: Awarded Society of Sigma Xi for excellence in Engineering Research.

      Civil Case Experience: Airline accident litigation and civil case involving pilot actions in aircraft hull loss.
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      John Cosgrove, PE, CDP
      7411 Earldom Avenue
      Playa Del Rey CA 90293-8058
      phone: 310-823-9448
      John Cosgrove has been a Software Engineer for over forty years. He has taught a graduate-level engineering course, “Engineering the Software Product,” for UCLA and Loyola Marymount in addition to numerous short courses nationwide. He has authored and delivered many papers, articles, and lectures on software litigation, project management, software business issues, and computer safety.

      As a forensic expert, Mr. Cosgrove has worked on numerous cases involving Recovered Computer Data, Computer System Failure, Contractual Disputes, Intellectual Property Disputes, and other matters involving computer systems and software.

      Ares of Expertise:
    • Forensic Engineering
    • Project Management
    • Software Architecture
    • Real-Time/Critical Systems
    • Hardware/Software Interfaces
    • Aviation Computer Systems (aircraft navigation systems, communication devices)
    • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning for Distributed Enter
    • 11/19/2010 · Computer Forensics
      The new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) became mandatory starting 12/01/2006. These modified rules were a response to the need to address the evolving predominance of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) in most all legal proceedings.

      11/19/2010 · Computer Forensics
      Forensic engineering (FE) practice is affected by the increased involvement of computer technology and computer-resident evidence (80+% and rising). This has a significant impact on most forensic engineering practice specialties. Specific recommendations and guidelines are provided to assist the forensic engineer in adapting his or her practice to this technology.

      For good or otherwise, the legal system has discovered the world of computers and its practitioners. Anyone opening a daily newspaper knows that litigation involving computers and software has exploded in recent years

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      John A. Hoschette, BSEE, MSEE
      WA, CA, TX, OH, VA, MD, DC, FL, WI, MN USA
      phone: 715-222-7883
      John Hoschette, BSEE, MSEE is an Electrical Engineer and Engineering Manager with over 25 years of experience at companies such as Smiths Medical, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Loral, Alliant Techsystems and Rockwell Collins. This has provided him exposure to the engineering methods of organizations nationwide and an acute understanding of all aspects of an engineering career.

      Mr. Hoschette has managed engineering groups as large as 125 people with overall responsibility for business operations, employee salary administration, hiring, termination and career development. He has been involved in cases of employee termination for drugs, layoffs, harassment, non-performance and violation of company business ethics issues.

      His primary responsibility as an engineering manager when dealing with employee issues has been to enforce company policies and procedures to ensure fair and lawful handling of employee discipline and terminations cases when necessary. This involves coordination of Human Resources and Legal Counsel to ensure company liability is minimized.

      Mr. Hoschette's technical work encompasses developing the next generation mission computers for the F-35, P-3, F-16 and F-22 jet fighter aircraft and his technical expertise is Optical Data Networking. His career has covered designing, testing, and fielding of advanced electronics in areas such as: developing infrared sensors for night vision, laser sensors for weapons, helmet mounted displays and fiber channel networks.

      Mr. Hoschette is also an author of two books, “Career Advancement and Survival for Engineers” and “The Engineers Career Guide." He has also been adjunct professor and instructed career development courses for engineers at Tufts University in Boston, Santa Clara University and University of Minnesota.

      View Consulting Profile.
      12/1/2011 · Engineering
      With the wealth of knowledge available at the click of a mouse, the Internet is a wonderful tool that can really help accelerate your career. But have you ever stopped to consider what information about you might be available to others on the Internet?

      10/31/2011 · Engineering
      Do you feel underpaid and deserving of a higher salary? Are you thinking about asking for a raise, but unsure how to go about it? Do you cringe at the thought of approaching your boss?

      John A. Hoschette
      The complete, one-stop career resource guide for engineers, engineering managers, and human resources personnel. This book offers proven, commonsense advice for navigating all stages of your engineering career. Packed with real-world tips supported by actual work experiences and examples.
      John A. Hoschette
      his book is packed with useful tips for excelling in the corporate environment. It is all about the "whens" and "hows" of making a good impression and achieving the greatest impact. This is not a technical book--it focuses more on how to deal with the organization.
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      Dr. Richard Collins
      440 Monmouth Drive
      Cranberry Township PA 16066-5756
      phone: 724-742-0414
      Dr. Richard Collins, Former University Professor of Biomedical and Human Factors Engineering, Professor of Medicine, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Dr. Collins has Demonstrated Accuracy in Research and Scientific Analysis in Mechanical and Biomechanical Engineering and Regulatory Assessments.

      His work has been Extensively Published in National and International peer-reviewed Literature. He is an Internationally recognized engineering and medical expert, having earned his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Collins is qualified as an expert witness in civil and criminal courts.

      Areas of Specialization:
    • Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice, Medical Device / Product Liability
    • Head and Spine Injury Cases in Motorcycle, Bicycle Collisions, Protective Helmet Liability
    • Accident Reconstruction / Failure Analysis - Serious Personal Injury and Trauma
    • Analysis / Injury Biomechanics: Automotive, Traffic Safety, Aircraft Crashes, Train Crashes, Forklift Turnovers, Elevator Failures, Sports Impacts, Sports, Recreational and Safety Equipment, Sports and Industrial Injuries, Ergonomics, Repetitive Stress Cases, Slips and Falls
    • 9/10/2008 · Medical
      Blunt impact to the thorax often results in traumatic rupture of the aorta, leading to immediate exsanguination. Current interest in the mechanisms of this failure is great (Roberts and Beckman, 1970), particularly with regard to vehicular fatilities in which passengers are subjected to high levels of deceleration

      9/10/2008 · Medical
      The lung constitutes a highly complex and selfregulating system for oxygenating man’s blood and removing its waste materials. It is at the alveolar level that the respiratory and circulatory functions interact and the important exchange processes occur

      9/10/2008 · Medical
      THE NUMBER of fatalities due to automobile collisions in the United States has reached an annual level of 55,000, according to the statistics of the National Safety Council. Of these, 16 per cent have been estimated by Greendyke (1966) to be due to traumatic rupture of the aorta, on the basis of a sample of 1253 automobile fatalities in Monroe County, N.Y., over a four year perio

      9/10/2008 · Medical
      The uptake of particulate matter by inhalation leads to complex transport processes influenced by unsteady convection through a non-dichotomously branching network of conducting conduits (airways)

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      Iola Goeke
      3660 Hartsfield Road
      Tallahassee, FL 32303

      phone: 850-558-3100
      fax: 850-575-8454
      BEC Consulting, LLC was established in 1982. Since that time, we have provided top-level consulting engineering services and accident reconstruction to our clients; law firms, insurance companies, state and local agencies, manufacturing companies, and clients who are seeking product design analysis and other engineering related services.

      Our engineers represent a broad range of engineering disciplines which enables us to work on a variety of cases using the team approach. The teams at BEC are comprised of Engineers, Technical Specialists, Graphics Specialists, as well as Research and Administrative Personnel, so that each case is given personal attention and is handled efficiently and effectively. Our offices are located in Tallahassee, Jacksonville and Venice working in almost every state in the United States, including Alaska.

      Areas of Expertise:
      • All Areas of Accident Reconstruction - Including Automobile, Tractor-Trailer, Motorcycle/Bicycle & Pedestrian
      • Engineering Consulting
      • FARO 3-D Scanning
      • Black Box Downloads
      • Construction Zone / Roadside Safety
      • Industrial Equipment
      • Failure Analysis
      • Product Design
      • Product Development
      • Material Handling System
      • Biomechanical Analysis
      • Slip / Trip / Fall
      • Computer Animation, Electronic Graphics
      Every aspect of our firm is designed to serve our clients needs; conference rooms for mediations and depositions, a research and testing lab, secured evidence storage, facilities for expert inspections, and easy access to airport and hotel facilities for our out-of-town clients. We are truly a full service engineering firm.

      Because of this team approach and a commitment to customer service, BEC has attained regional and national recognition as a leader in forensic engineering services and new product development. This excellent example and tireless dedication to serving our client’s needs has resulted in a devoted client base and reputation second to none.

      Dr. Charles Benedict, P.E., founded Benedict Engineering Company in 1982 and our name has since changed to BEC Consulting, LLC. He has over 35 years experience in the fields of product and machine design and analysis, vehicular accident reconstruction of all types, and product and system failure analysis. He has designed, developed, manufactured, and tested more than sixty different products and machine systems. Dr. Benedict is well respected in the fields of forensic engineering, product and machine system design and analysis and patenting.

      • Biomechanics
      • Occupant Kinematics
      • Vehicle Restraint Systems
      • Vehicle Controllability
      • Material Handling
      • Patent Infringement
    • Automobile Accidents
    • Pedestrian Accidents
    • General Engineering
    • Product Design
    • Fire and Explosion Analysis
    • Tractor / Trailer Accidents
    • Electrical Issues
    • Dr. Brian Pfeifer, P.E., is also a principal with BEC Consulting, LLC, and has been practicing forensic engineering for over 15 years. He holds several patents on roadside safety devices and studied roadside safety at the University of Nebraska. He is a consulting engineer with a strong background in the design, development, and implementation of roadside safety hardware. His current work consists of vehicular accident reconstruction, analysis of maintenance of traffic issues, premises liability, investigation and analysis of mechanical systems and product failures, and development of automated material-handling systems.

      • Roadside Hazards
      • Vehicle Controllability
      • Occupant Kinematics
      • Roadway Design
      • Guardrails and Bridges
      • Maintenance of Traffic
      • Roadway Design
    • Automobile Accidents
    • Pedestrian Accidents
    • Tractor / Trailer Accidents
    • Slip / Trip / Fall
    • Product Design
    • General Engineering
    • Mrs. Traci Campbell, P.E., CXLT, is an Industrial engineer with specialties in industrial accident reconstruction, including forklifts, construction machinery, appliances, and manufacturing equipment. Her experience includes vehicular accident reconstruction involving automobiles, trucks, tractor-trailers, and recreational vehicles, as well as slip, trip, and fall analysis, product failure analysis, and workplace-safety related issues.

      • Industrial Accidents
      • Safety Analysis
      • Product Design / Failure Analysis
      • Slip / Trip / Fall
      • Guarding / Warnings
      • Workplace Safety
      • Bicycle Accidents
      • Confined Spaces
    • OSHA Regulations
    • Pedestrian Accidents
    • Automobile Accidents
    • Tractor / Trailer Accidents
    • Human and Environment Interaction
    • Theme Parks / Recreation Facilities
    • Airbag and Black Box
    • General Engineering
    • Mr. Chris Yates, P.E., is a Mechanical engineer and Principal with our firm, specializing in accident reconstruction. His current work involves the analysis and reconstruction of vehicular accidents, including vehicular dynamics and occupant restraint as well as the investigation of industrial accidents and product analysis.

      • Black Box Analysis
      • Motorcycle / Bicycle Accidents
      • Mechanical Design
      • Product Guarding Design
      • Fire and Explosion
      • Seat Belt Analysis
    • Automobile Accidents
    • Pedestrian Accidents
    • General Engineering
    • Product Design
    • Tractor / Trailer Accidents
    • Slip / Trip / Fall