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Aircraft Fleet Management & Operations Expert Witnesses

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13600 Marina Pointe Drive,Unit 1008
Marina Del Rey CA 90292
phone: 310-448-8885
fax: 310-448-8886
Robert L. Ditchey specializes in Aviation and Airline Maintenance. As a consultant for major airlines, financial institutions and aerospace manufacturers, Mr. Ditchey's Areas of Expertise include the following:
  • Airline Accident Investigation
  • Airline Insurance
  • Airline Maintenance & Operations
  • Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Aircraft Design, Performance and Analysis
  • Aircraft Purchase and Lease Agreements
  • Maintenance Records and Procedures
  • Airline contracts
  • Airline pilot, Mechanic and Aircrew Training
  • Expert Witness
  • Education:
  • AE (Aeronautical Engineer), California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 1973
  • MS (Aeronautical Engineering), Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA 1969
  • BS, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD 1962
  • Honors & Awards: Awarded Society of Sigma Xi for excellence in Engineering Research.

    Civil Case Experience: Airline accident litigation and civil case involving pilot actions in aircraft hull loss.
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    John R. Bell II
    12909 East Mainsgate Circle
    Wichita KS 67228
    phone: 316-688-0050 (Office) 316-737-1490 (Cell)
    John R. Bell II, is an Aviation Management Consultant who offers Professional Pilot Services. His background includes 35 years of experience in corporate aviation development, implementing and managing the needs of various companies and individuals.

    Mr. Bell’s background experience since 2000 has included a number of international ferry flights with North Atlantic and Pacific crossings. He has supported a number of operators in Indonesia, Malaysia, and South Korea. The support he has provided includes qualifying their crewmembers (IOE/SOE) to meet their Air Taxi requirements as per Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and qualifying their Flight Attendants.

    Certifications, Ratings, and Flight Times:
    • Airline Transport Pilot - Airplane Multiengine Land
    • Type Ratings: CE500, CE525S, CE560XL, CE650 and CE680 Sovereign
    • Commercial Privileges - Airplane Single Engine Land & Sea
    • Flight Instructor (Gold Seal) - Airplane Single and Multiengine Instrument Airplane
    • Flight Times - (Updated: December 31, 2015) Total: 16,128 PIC: 15,372- Turbojet: 7,372- Turboprop: 4,465- Multiengine: 13,382- Piston: 2,563
    Litigation Support - Mr. Bell provides expert witness services to counsel representing both Plaintiff and Defendant. He has been a FAASTeam Representative (Formerly FAA Accident Prevention Counselor) since 1984.

    Areas of Litigation Expertise:
    • CFR Title 14 Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s)
    • Cessna Citation Aircraft
    • Advanced Avionics Systems including Glass Cockpits, GPS, FMS, TAWS, TCAS Systems
    • Aircraft Aerodynamics
    • Aircraft Systems
    • Airspace – Domestic and International (MNPS, RVSM, RNP, PRNAV, BRNAV)
    • Aviation Weather Decision-making
    • Cold Weather Operations
    • CRM (Cockpit Resource Management) and Crew Decision-making
    • Flight Instruction – Fixed-wing
    • International Flight Operations and Procedures
    • IOE / SOE (Initial Operation Experience/Supervised Operation Experience)
    • Pilot Decision-making
    • Windshear Operations in the Cockpit
    View John Bell's Consulting Profile.
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    Matthew T. Winer, JD
    8101 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 609
    Miami FL 33138
    phone: 305-790-1440
    Matthew Winer Aircraft Operations Expert PhotoMatthew T. Winer, JD, is the Founder & Director of Jet Management Assoicates, LLC (JMA), a Miami-based Aircraft Acquisitions and Consulting firm. He and his team at JMA provide services that touch on all areas of corporate aircraft operations, transactions, and their material elements.

    Litigation Support - Mr. Winer provides litigation support for owners in disputes with their aircraft management provider, disputes with aircraft manufacturers, insurance companies, and disputes with outside service providers (ie: maintenance facilities). His clients benefit from his extensive experience, interfacing with aviation and transactional attorneys. Mr. Winer works to provide the court with insurmountable evidence in support of each case. He delivers services around the clock and around the world.

    JMA's cases have included issues with sales, leases, management agreements, insurance matters, and maintenance contracts. In all cases, JMA compiles and analyzes data and provides clients and their counsel with reports, highlighting information on disputed areas of litigation (ie: flight time, payroll, charter revenue and maintenance discrepancies, and aircraft transaction standards.

    When corporate aviation legal proceedings end up in court, JMA helps clients by serving as an Expert Witness on issues relating to:
    • Part 91 and 135 Industry Overview, Trends, Revenue Disputes
    • Maintenance Costing Discrepancies
    • Aircraft Transaction Contretemps
    • Insurance Claims and Disputes
    • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
    • Escrow Matters
    • Aircraft Theft and Fraud
    Recent Litigation News:
    • Ruling in favor of JMA client in high profile G550 escrow dispute
    • JMA provided litigation support in aircraft theft, fraud, breach of contract, and breach of fiduciary duty dispute
    • JMA engaged to analyze purchase, and financial operations of new Embraer aircraft
    • JMA provided pre-litigation support in aircraft escrow and pre-buy dispute
    View Matthew Winer's Consulting Profile.