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Animal Attacks Prevention and Safety Expert Witnesses

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PO Box 1211
Monroe GA 30655
phone: 770-314-9254
Edward W. Dabney is an award winning Horse Trainer and Master Riding Instructor with over 40 years of experience. Mr. Dabney is an International Clinician, teaching in many areas of the United States and Europe for university, civilian, military, and police organizations. He has trained horses for ranch work, trail riding, competition, and for the film industry.

From the Wyoming Outfitters School in Cody Wyoming, Mr. Dabney received instruction and hands-on experience learning skills in guiding trail rides, wilderness first aid, horse packing and handling strings of pack horses, farrier skills, driving wagons with teams of horses, wilderness camping, survival skills. He also attended the National School of Academic Equitation in Seattle, Washington where he received formal instruction and riding skills training on the Professional Instructor level, in advanced methods of horse training and upper level Classical Equitation which were developed and employed by the French horse masters of the 1600’s and 1700’s. Mr. Dabney has received his “Horse Professional” certification to facilitate Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Session.

Litigation Support - Mr. Dabney provides litigation support services to attorneys representing both Plaintiff and Defense. His cases involve generally accepted best industry practices in care, custody, control, safety, and transportation of horses. His services include case analysis and accident reconstruction.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Horse Behavior
  • Horse Instincts and Reactions
  • Horse Training
  • Trail Riding
  • Horseback Travel
  • Horseback Vacations, Camping
  • Horseback Hunting, Outfitting
  • Mounted Patrol Horses - Police, Military, National Park
  • Horses in Film Industry
  • Horse Tack, Riding Equipment Suitability
  • Equine Facility Management
  • Equine Event Management
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    J. Cooke (Formerly Known As: J. McEwan)
    P.O. Box 607
    Barrington IL 60011
    phone: 847-277-7950
    J. Cooke

    is a Horse Trainer, an accredited Equine Appraiser, a certified riding instructor, a champion horse show rider since 1960, a winning and licensed thoroughbred race horse trainer and exercise rider, and has earned a graduate degree in paralegal studies. Currently she provides equine-related technical advice, consultation, and expert witness work in legal and non-legal related issues, to include risk assessment, risk management and risk reduction.

    See CV at website for additional background information. Call for rates and references.
    10/18/2001 · Injury
    Equine activity sponsors and professionals are not required to eliminate the risks inherent in horse sports, but they must use due care not to increase the risks to participants over and above those that naturally occur in equine