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502 Park Ave.
San Jose CA 95110
phone: 408-279-1034
fax: 408-279-3562
Mr. Miller, a Board Certified Forensics Examiner, is a nationally recognized insurance consultant, published author, lecturer and guest speaker. He has extensive experience as a qualified trial expert in state and federal courts in both civil and criminal cases, nationwide. His particular areas of expertise include "bad faith" allegations, coverage disputes, coverage interpretation, insurance industry standards, customs, practices, and underwriting.

Mr. Miller has testified in approximately 400 cases nationwide, including more than 90 trials. He is certified as an insurance arbitrator by the Insurance Arbitration Forum, Inc.. He is the author of the national best seller book HOW INSURANCE COMPANIES SETTLE CASES now in its 13th edition, and has designed the software program HOW TO ESTIMATE THE VALUE OF A BODILY INJURY CLAIM.

Since he began working in the insurance industry in 1963, Mr. Miller has adjusted approximately 34,000 claims for over 150 insurance companies, trained adjusters & written claims manuals. He has owned & operated his own independent insurance adjusting firm, and has worked as a claims manager for a national insurance company. He holds federal & state insurance adjusting licenses & is also a licensed private investigator. In addition to providing consulting services to insurance companies & policy holders, Mr. Miller acts as a consultant to the Department of Insurance, State of California.
Clinton E. Miller, JD, DABFEm FACFE
A behind-closed-doors look at how insurance cases are valued, what the adjuster needs to settle your case, and how to keep your case moving. Scope runs from estimating bodily injury damages and investigating coverage to claims denials and action letter outlines. Inside Information From Industry Veterans How Insurance Companies Settle Cases covers the spectrum of settlement concerns from estimating bodily injury damages and investigating coverage to claims denials and action letter outlines.