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Credit Reports / Reporting Expert Witnesses

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Tom E. Dailey
70 W. Madison St., Suite 1400
Chicago IL 60602
phone: 312-214-3333
fax: 866-383-4630
Tom E. Dailey is a globally-recognized leader in the Payments Industry. Mr. Dailey has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of credit card and payment processing. As a Payments Industry Consultant, his clients have included retailers, investors, law firms, senior executives, payments organizations, card issuers, researchers and others in organizations ranging in size from start-ups to multinational corporations.

Background - Mr. Dailey served as Head of Discover Card’s merchant business unit and as CEO, board member, and investor at 2Checkout. He also sits on the Board of Directors at Merchant e-Solutions. Mr. Dailey has experience managing multiple international corporate subsidiaries and operating in complex/international regulatory environments. He directly managed a large P&L ($2 billion+) and workforce (2,000+) in multi-disciplinary, multi-geography organizations and successfully led $70+ million funding rounds.

Litigation Support - Tom Dailey provides expert witness assistance with Transaction Forensics, including analysis of payments processes and flows to reconstruct event chronologies, identify vulnerabilities, and trace activities related to fraud, data compromise, malfeasance or other events with fiscal or reputational impact.

With services available to counsel representing both Plaintiff and Defense, Mr. Dailey provides assistance with government / industry regulation analysis, contract and report interpretation, production requests, document drafting support, preparation of declarations and expert reports, depositions and court testimony, and review and rebuttal of opposing party declarations, documents, and expert reports.

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Douglas Minor
2625 Townsgate Rd. Suite 330
Westlake Village CA 91361
phone: 805-267-1118
fax: 805-299-4980
As Author of Anatomy of Credit Scores and Founder / President of Easy Credit Relief, Inc., Douglas Minor focuses on helping and teaching people how to understand the credit system. Showing them the best ways to use credit and maximize their score.

Doug has spent the last 25 years reviewing personal credit reports and financial profiles of individuals. He has happily been quoted and interviewed for articles appearing in, Yahoo! Finance, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

During this time he has enjoyed answering thousands of questions regarding credit scores and the information contained in credit reports.

Having a pragmatic disposition as well a broad base of experience in business he has the unique knowledge and academics to assess damages. He has performed training classes to audiences of all levels of sophistication including Professional Groups, Lenders, CEO’s, and Consumers. As a respected Expert in Credit Related Damages, Credit Reporting, and Scoring he serves as a litigation consultant / expert witness for those involved in credit damages litigation.
Doug Minor
This book is for professionals and consumers alike. In this comprehensive how-to guide and easy to follow references, provides in-depth coverage of the credit reporting, repairing and scoring system. This is an eye opening journey into one of the most misunderstood yet needed topics of today.
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Thomas A. Tarter
18783 Tribune Street
Northridge CA 91326
phone: 818-380-3102
fax: 818-616-4357
Thomas A. Tarter, President of The Andela Consulting Group, Inc., Management, Financial and Advisory Services Involving Corporate Governance, Management, Compensation, Financial and Banking Matters.

He has served on boards, assisted in corporate restructures and provided advisory services to a diverse group of clients including corporations, law firms, financial institutions and government agencies - including U.S. Small Business Administration and FDIC. Involved in over 1000 cases - national and international.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Bank Operations -Check processing forgery, kiting,ID Theft, Ponzi schemes
  • Lending Standards - Commercial and R/E Loans
  • Consumer and Subprime Lending, Underwriting, Loan Servicing, Foreclosures / Credit Damages
  • Guarranties/Lender Liability
  • FCRA and Collection Practices
  • Bankruptcy