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Environmental Law Specialty Expert Witnesses

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David Gossman
103 South Main Street
Maquoketa IA 52060
phone: 563-652-2822
fax: 563-652-2824
Technical assistance to counsel in litigation involving Chemical and Environmental Forensics, Hazardous Waste, Hazardous Materials, Regulatory Compliance, Dioxins, Fires and Explosions at waste facilities and cement plants, and injury or chemical exposure claims due to hazardous materials or hazardous operations.

GCI provides the technical expertise and develops the evidentiary basis for legal arguments relying on or involving:
  • Industrial and environmental chemical forensic analysis
  • Causation proved by fate and transport of chemicals and their degradation products in the environment
  • Appropriate standard of care for and regulations of hazardous waste and hazardous materials
  • Safety and prevention of catastrophic events such as fires and explosions
  • Prevention of injury or chemical exposure resulting from hazardous materials or hazardous materials operations
  • Prevention of chemical spills and/or proper management of historical environmental contamination
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Margaret C. Felts
8822 Shiner Ct.
Elk Grove CA 95624
phone: 916-468-8443
Margaret C. Felts is a Litigation Consultant and Expert Witness for law firms, regulatory agencies, and private entities on Energy, Environmental, and Corporate Fraud cases. Her specialties include:
  • Pipeline Integrity Management Records and Processes
  • Gas and Electric Utilities Regulatory Cases
  • Oil & Gas Industry Cases
  • Groundwater Contamination - Expert Knowledge of the Past 100 Years, Emphasis on CA
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal and Site Cleanup
  • Historical Records Research
Energy Cases - Since 1983, Ms. Felts has served intermittently as a technical consultant and expert witness on a number of Energy Cases for the California Public Utilities Commission, the Nevada Public Utilities Commission, CalTrans, the California Energy Commission, and a few private law firms representing claims against oil companies. Selected Major Energy cases include the SoCalGas/ Exxon Offshore Gas Treatment Plant Startup Failure, the SCE/Nevada Power Mohave Power Plant Steam Pipe Failure, the PG&E Helms Pumped Storage Power Plant Startup Failure, and the Enron and the PG&E Bankruptcy.

Environmental Cases - Ms. Felts also served as technical consultant and expert witness on a number of Environmental Cases. Her primary clients were law firms representing the reinsurance companies of Lloyds of London. Some of the high profile cases were Aerojet, Lockheed, Raytheon, and City of Lodi. Both Aerojet and Lockheed cases included precedent-setting issues that were heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Litigation Support - As a primary technical consultant, Ms. Felts leads the development of factual case strategy, identifies the best team of expert witnesses, writes interrogatories, reviews data, and performs independent research to find key evidence. She provides deposition questions and advises attorneys throughout the cases. Ms. Felts drafts logical threads of technical cross examination questions and, as appropriate, testifies in court.

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