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Grief and Loss Therapy Expert Witnesses

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Dr. Laura Streyffeler, PhD, LMHC,BCETS, CCDV, CCFC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
2204 Brevard Ave.
Fort Myers FL 33901
phone: 239-822-1699
Laura Streyffeler Mental Health Expert PhotoLaura Streyffeler, PhD, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress specializing in individual, couples and family psychotherapy.

Dr. Streyffeler believes that an being an expert means not only having education, knowledge, and experience , but integrity as well. She wants for you to understand that being an expert in domestic violence, does not mean being an expert only for victims, but for truth.

As an expert, Dr. Streyffeler is able to discern between those who are truly victims and those who are claiming to be victims in order to get a ‘leg up’ in the court process. Sadly, all too often non-victims use domestic violence allegations, when going through a divorce (or other legal matter), in order to manipulate the court (i.e. attorneys, mental health professionals/ parenting evaluators, judicial outcome).

“Guns for hire” are not experts. They are people who use their credentials and experience to financially prey on those struggling in the legal system. “Guns for hire” often make sure that their opinion matches the retainer, even if it doesn’t fully match the facts. Dr. Streyffeler will only accept cases that she believes her expert testimony (and/or consultation) will bring justice, not just dollars.

Dr. Streyffeler provides both forensic and victim related expert witness testimony in both and criminal and civil court cases. She has provided trial consulting services to the State Attorney offices throughout Florida. She has testified and consulted in battery and murder cases on the issue of Domestic Violence, Battered Spouse Syndrome, and/or Sexual Violence. Dr. Streyffeler has also provided forensic services in civil court cases on behalf of numerous victims of domestic violence who are or have been victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

In addition to being a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress and a Diplomate of the National Center of Crisis Management, in Collaboration with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, Dr. Streyffeler is certified as an expert in both domestic violence and forensic counseling by the National Association of Forensic Counselors.

Dr. Streyffeler is listed as an expert witness in domestic violence, sexual violence, and trauma in the National Center for Crisis Management in Collaboration with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress list of experts.

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Samuel Romirowsky, PhD
Omega Professional Center
F-52 Omega Drive
Newark DE 19713
phone: 302-737-7090
fax: 302-737-7430
Samuel Romirowsky Psychologist Expert PhotoDr. Samuel Romirowsky, PhD is a Forensic Psychologist with over 30 years of clinical experience. He is currently licensed to practice in Newark, Delaware and Media, and Pennsylvania.

Dr. Romirowsky is a member of the American Board of Forensic Examiners, Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, American Psychological Association, Pennsylvania Psychological Association, Delaware Psychological Association, and the Council for the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. He received his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1978 and has been in private practice since that time.

Dr. Romirowsky provides expert witness testimony in civil and criminal litigations, industrial accident board litigations, social security administration hearings, child custody evaluations, and parent coordination mediations. He also offers psychological evaluation services for airmen with allegations of misuse of drugs or alcohol under Federal Aviation Administration guidelines. Dr. Romirowsky has served as an independent psychological evaluator and expert witness in hundreds of cases for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Civil Litigation Services:
  • Personal Injury & Workers Compensation
  • Independent Psychological Evaluations
  • Records Review
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Individual and Family Counseling
  • Evaluations for Fitness to Return to Duty, Carry Firearms, Manage Personal Affairs
  • Consultation with Attorneys on Case Strategy
  • Evaluations to Rule Out Malingering
  • Narrative Report by Request
Criminal Litigation:
  • Psychological Evaluations of Defendants and Victims
  • Competency and Pre-sentencing Evaluations
  • Analysis of Child Advocacy Center and Child Protective Services Interviews
  • Expert Witness Testimony
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