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Livestock Expert Witnesses

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J. Cooke (Formerly Known As: J. McEwan)
P.O. Box 607
Barrington IL 60011
phone: 847-277-7950
J. Cooke

is a Horse Trainer, an accredited Equine Appraiser, a certified riding instructor, a champion horse show rider since 1960, a winning and licensed thoroughbred race horse trainer and exercise rider, and has earned a graduate degree in paralegal studies. Currently she provides equine-related technical advice, consultation, and expert witness work in legal and non-legal related issues, to include risk assessment, risk management and risk reduction.

See CV at website for additional background information. Call for rates and references.
10/18/2001 · Injury
Equine activity sponsors and professionals are not required to eliminate the risks inherent in horse sports, but they must use due care not to increase the risks to participants over and above those that naturally occur in equine

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David D. Johnson
President & CEO
35644 N. 11th Avenue
Phoenix AZ 85086
phone: 800-575-1669
NAES provides the most professional and accurate certified horse appraisals plus equine litigation consulting for all breeds, disciplines, and related activities. Within the realm of litigation consulting, NAES also serves as an expert witness at trial.

At the Court's direction via a properly served subpoena, NAES is specifically called upon to provide a myriad of legal opinions in order to clarify confusing equine activities. These opinions are necessary in enabling the court in forming the correct decision.

According to Mr. Johnson, “When looking for an "equine expert," either consulting or testifying, it is important to find an individual that has a broad background in the specific areas of your interest, (i.e., training, sales, commissions, breed knowledge, trail rides, horse showing, judging, etc). It’s not necessary that the chosen "expert" have a law background, but rather an extensive horse background. Since courts often look at an expert as a "teacher," the expert should impress you with how well they comprehend the set of circumstances.”

Mr. Johnson has been deposed more than 90 times and in most circumstances cases are settled after the deposition. Mr. Johnson is considered one of the premier providers of expert witness testimony in the United States and Canada.

Selected Case Histories - A list of over 600 recent cases in which Mr. Johnson has been asked to provide expert testimony is available on the NAES website.

Consulting Services Provided:
  • Review of testimony and exhibits from witness depositions
  • Review of cases from retaining counsel
  • Preparation of rebuttal questions
  • Candid explanation to counsel on case merits or lack thereof
  • Case files stored indefinitely in climate controlled conditions
  • Provide either verbal or written expert opinions
  • Farm operations and appraisals
  • Review of opposing valuations and appraisals
  • Certified Equine Appraisals (multi-breed and performance disciplines)
Selected Testimonials: “You come highly recommended from several sources. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.” - R. S. Andrus, Humphrey & Peters

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Donald E. Sanders, DVM
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
2837 Old Troy Pike
Urbana OH 43078
phone: 937-371-8330
Donald E. Sanders, DVM, is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Diplomate of the American College of Theriogenology, the branch of veterinary medicine concerned with reproduction, including the physiology and pathology of male and female reproductive systems of animals and the clinical practice of veterinary obstetrics, gynecology, and andrology.

A practicing veterinarian since 1968, Dr. Sanders has consulted on the reproduction of cattle, horses, swine, sheep, and small animals in Ohio and throughout the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Russia, South Korea, China, and Japan. He was named by Bovine Practitioner Journal as one of the Top 20 Bovine Veterinarians in North America in 2013 and has authored numerous books on cattle and swine reproduction. From 2006-2013, Dr. Sanders served as an Associate Clinical Professor for the Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine at Ohio State University, Marysville, Ohio.

Litigation Support - Dr. Sanders has been providing expert witness services to the legal industry for over 25 years. His services are available to counsel representing Plaintiff and Defense. Dr. Sanders has testified at depositions and court and reviewed and/or wrote reports in preparation for court. His cases involve Food Animal Agriculture / Agribusiness Investigations including:
  • Veterinary Surgery
  • Animal Reproduction / Breeding
  • Animal Science / Genomics
  • Animal Testing
  • Stray Voltage
  • Animal Nutrition / Disease / Welfare
  • Toxicology
  • Antibiotic Contamination - Feed, Milk, Meat
  • Water Quality
  • Animal Housing
  • Small Animal Medicine
  • Food Animal Management
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    Donald Sanders, DVM, DACT, PAS
    A complete guide to raising pigs for exhibit or profit.
    Donald Sanders, DVM, DACT, PAS
    This book is your reference for raising a heifer calf from her birth to birthing a calf of her own.
    Donald Sanders, DVM, DACT, PAS
    his book provides a wealth of practical information invaluable to 4-H participants and small scale farm operators who plan to raised dairy feeder calves for show or dairy feeders for market.
    Donald Sanders, DVM, DACT, PAS