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Paul Jacobs
Forensic Audio, Video, Photography Expert
650 Blackwood Street
Sacramento CA 95815
phone: 916-812-2508
fax: 916-922-5335
Paul Jacobs provides Forensic Photography, Videography, Mapping, Visibility and Audio services to Plaintiff or Defense counsel looking for scientifically accurate event reenactments and documentation.

Mr. Jacobs collects data that is fair and accurate for use as demonstrative evidence, or to be analyzed by other experts. He typically works in conjunction with accident reconstructionists and human factors experts in controlled event reenactments of incidents. He has experience working with many other subject matter experts in other fields.

Mr. Jacobs has served as a police officer, then as a commercial photographer, and then under the mentorship of a well established and respected technical expert. He has worked extensively in mapping and 3D modeling as a technical consultant and project manager and has attended numerous classes, workshops, seminars, etc.

Litigation Support - Paul Jacobs has performed 1,000s of investigations related to vehicle collisions, deaths, and property loss / damage. Since moving to the private sector, he has performed photography, videography, audio, mapping, visibility studies and dynamic testing for civil cases involving vehicle and pedestrian accidents, trip and falls, defamation, property damage/loss, wrongful deaths and maritime accidents.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Forensic Photography - Image capture, editing, compositing, HDR, analysis, macro, aerial, rephotography
  • Forensic Videography - Video capture, editing, analysis, and enhancement
  • Forensic Audio - Recording, preservation, enhancement, and measurement
  • Forensic Mapping - Mapping and modeling of 2D and 3D scenes. Measurements of scene elements including topography, lighting, vegetation, and changes.
  • Visibility Studies and Analysis - Measure and document scene elements related to lighting and visibility including contrast, glare sources, occlusions, and anomalies.
  • Dynamic Imaging- Collection of data related to speed and movement.