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Nuclear Medicine Expert Witnesses

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Radiology & Nuclear Medicine
514 Arrington Avenue
North Augusta SC 29841
phone: 573-808-0918
Dr. Bennett S. Greenspan is trained and Board-Certified in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. He has 27 years of experience in clinical Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. He has been involved for 27 years in teaching Nuclear Medicine to residents in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Medical Students, and Nuclear Medicine Technology Students. In addition, Dr. Greenspan has further training in Radiation Safety, Health Physics, and Medical Physics, and has a M.S. degree from UCLA in Medical Physics.

Dr. Greenspan has been involved in Quality Assurance in Nuclear Medicine since 1989, and has been on the QA committee for Nuclear Medicine of the American College of Nuclear Physicians or the Society of Nuclear Medicine continuously since then. He has evaluated multiple practices of Nuclear Medicine around the country through this process, which involves evaluation of a questionnaire and a site visit.