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Construction Defect Expert Witness Construction Engineering Consultants

Hal Deatherage, PhD, PE Civil Engineering
David Chapman, PhD, PE Civil Engineering
610 S. Gay St.
Knoxville TN 37902
phone: 865-566-0309
Construction Engineering Consultants (CEC) is a corporation formed by individuals who are passionate about the study of the arts and sciences related to engineering and construction practices. They seek to provide a variety of advisory services to clients in need of design, construction and engineering knowledge and expertise in order to prevent, solve, and investigate problems and create enduring collaborative relationships with their clients.

For problematic construction issues, CEC assists with evaluations of design quality and defects, claims analysis and preparation, property and casualty loss investigations, construction litigation support, and expert witness services.

CEC’s client base includes litigation clients across the nation. They have provided litigation support in Michigan, Iowa, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Tennessee.

Hal Deatherage Civil Engineering Expert PhotoJames (Hal) Deatherage, PhD, PE Civil Engineering, has been a Licensed Professional Civil Engineer since 1973. Dr. Deatherage spent many years as Principal in a Consulting Firm specializing in engineering and architectural services. He then served as President and Chief Operating Officer of a regional construction firm specializing in design-build services. Dr. Deatherage is currently a Professor Emeritus in Civil Engineering and Partner in Construction Engineering Consultants.

Over the last 20 years, he has testified more than 300 times in litigation issues involving design, safety, construction productivity, construction claims, forensic failure analysis, erosion and sediment control issues, maintenance, construction quality, and other structural and civil engineering issues. Dr. Deatherage’s areas of expertise as an expert witness are as follows:
  • Structural Engineering Construction Claims
  • Design Defects / Construction Evaluation Quality
  • Property and Casualty Loss Investigations
  • Forensic Engineering and Failure Analysis
  • Highway and Building Codes / Regulation
  • Design Defects and Construction Personal Injury
  • David Chapman Civil Engineering Expert PhotoDavid Chapman, PhD, PE Civil Engineering, earned a Master’s of Science of Civil Engineering with Construction Engineering Concentration, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering with Construction Engineering Concentration.

    Dr. Chapman has taught construction related courses at the graduate and undergraduate level at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Chapman has been involved with several TDOT (Tennessee Department of Transportation) sponsored research projects. Most recently Dr. Chapman managed the research efforts concerning the Massman Dr. Bridge in Nashville, TN.

    Since 2005, Dr. Chapman has created and / or maintained CPM schedules for approximately $550 million worth of highway and heavy civil construction projects. His primary contribution to Construction Engineering Consultants is creating and maintaining schedules for highway construction type projects, forensic scheduling and engineering related to litigation support services. Dr. Chapman's areas of expertise are as follows:
    • Project Scheduling
    • Forensic Scheduling
    • Structural Engineering
  • Property and Casualty Loss Investigations
  • Construction Claims
  • Construction Management
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