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Crane Rigging Expert Witness Mike Parnell

Mike Parnell
9428 Old Pacific Highway
Woodland WA 98674
phone: 360-225-1100
fax: 360-225-1122
Mike Parnell, CEO of Industrial Training International, has over 33 years of experience in the Crane & Rigging Industry. His background includes the design and implementation of crane and rigging operations and training activities, rigging design, OSHA-based inspection programs, accident investigation, development of custom load-moving techniques and training tools, and the development of customized test services. He currently serves as a board member of the Association of Crane & Rigging Professionals, Vice Chair of ASME B30 Main Committee, and Chair of ASME P30 Lift Planning Committee.

Mr. Parnell is a prominent speaker in his field of expertise and his services are available both nationally and Internationally. His clients include companies in the following fields: nuclear energy, aerospace, construction, oil and gas, Defense Departments, and power distribution among many others.

Mr. Parnell provides Expert Witness services to companies with claims concerning:
  • Crane and Rigging Practices
  • Suitability of Equipment
  • Crane Accident Investigation
  • Rigging Accident Investigation
  • Wire Rope Accident Investigation
  • Failure Analysis
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6/21/2013 · Construction
Our industry depends on cranes, rigging and other load handling equipment. The big key to success is having folks who are competent, qualified and capable at multiple levels to be able to safely and effectively get work done.

5/29/2013 · Construction
A variety of industries use synthetic slings to move equipment and product on a daily basis.

4/24/2013 · Construction
In a fabrication or assembly facility there can be a host of material handling that occurs during the general nature of work.

3/21/2013 · Construction
Structural Connection Points for Attaching Chain Hoists (load drifting)

2/13/2013 · Construction
Over the last 5 year we have been introduced to the idea of having "directors" involved in the crane and rigging world. To some extent, we have always had them by virtue of other titles such as lift foreman, hoisting supervisor, crane and rigging superintendent and the like.

11/28/2012 · Construction
We often learn from our surroundings. By taking a page from other folk's playbooks, we can start to appreciate new solutions to old problems.

10/2/2012 · Construction
I keep running into folks who have questions about the ASME requirement for "documented" sling inspections. Most alarming to me is that a misconception has arisen that has caused some facility owners to simply "retire" their synthetic web slings and synthetic roundslings in order to avoid having to perform a falsely assumed "documented" inspection; e.g. single record for each single sling.