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Criminal Defense Police Misconduct Expert Witness Gregory Gilbertson

Professor Gregory G. Gilbertson, MS
4722 Snow Grass Place NE
Olympia WA 98516
phone: 360-237-4247
Gregory Gilbertson Police Misconduct Expert PhotoProfessor Gregory Gilbertson is a Law Enforcement, Police Standards and Practices, and Police Misconduct and Excessive Use of Force expert with over 25 years of "boots on the ground" experience in the criminal justice system. He has earned moral authority with judges, prosecutors, attorneys, and juries alike for his career in public service and adult education.

Public Service Experience - Gregory Gilbertson is the only full time and tenured criminal justice professor in Washington State that has served as an International Police Trainer in both Iraq and Afghanistan. On both deployments, totaling over two years, he was designated a Subject Matter Expert in Police Training, Standards, and Practices by the US Department of Justice and US Department of Defense.

In Baghdad, Professor Gilbertson led a team of curriculum specialists in developing a bachelor’s degree program for the Baghdad Police College. He was then assigned as Deputy Director of the United Kingdom’s Basrah Training Academy. In Basrah, Professor Gilbertson supervised the daily training of over 500 Iraqi police cadets. He then deployed a second time to Kabul, Afghanistan. In Kabul, Professor Gilbertson served 13 months as a NATO Liaison and Senior Mentor to the commander of the Afghan National Police Academy.

Police Misconduct Specialist - During his law enforcement career with the cities of Atlanta and LaGrange police departments, Professor Gilbertson was a top producing officer in felony and misdemeanor arrests. He was awarded seven letters of commendation for meritorious service as a senior patrolman, SWAT team member, stakeout squad detective, school resource officer, and superior court investigator. While working as a police officer, he also earned a Master's degree in Justice Administration from Columbus State University. Professor Gilbertson provides attorneys and clients with expert testimony for cases involving:
  • Civil Rights Violations
  • Police Misconduct
  • Police Brutality
  • Excessive Force
  • False Arrest
  • Self Defense Criminal Procedures
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Police Standards & Practices
  • SWAT Tactics
  • Search & Seizure
  • Probable Cause
  • Criminal Defense Specialist - As a private investigator specializing in criminal defense case work for over a decade, Professor Gilbertson has worked with dozens of attorneys on hundreds of cases. He is known by prosecutors and attorneys alike for his tenacious attention to detail during pretrial investigations. As a former police officer, superior court investigator, and SWAT team officer, Professor Gilbertson is keenly aware of when the police are lying or grossly exaggerating the truth.

    Working with defense attorneys, Professor Gilbertson has achieved positive outcomes and acquittals for clients charged with:
    • Murder
    • Attempted Murder & Felony Assault
    • Theft of Firearms & Motor Vehicles
    • Domestic Violence
    • Residential Burglary
  • Narcotics Manufacture & Trafficking
  • Rape & Sexual Assault
  • Armed Robbery
  • Assaulting a Police Officer
  • Resisting Arrest
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