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Engineering Expert Witnesses EI Consultants LLC

Stan Andrews
13045 W. Hwy. 62
Farmington AR 72730
phone: 479-846-8000
fax: 479-846-8002
EI Consultants, LLC offers a variety of engineering research, consulting, and public services related to the automotive industry, tire failure and design, fire investigations and materials failure. The engineers have expertise in accident reconstruction, automotive mechanical failures; and deposition and trial testimony.

Located in Northwest Arkansas, EI Consultants, LLC offers nationwide services in accident reconstruction investigation. The Institute's testing department is fully equipped to accomodate your indoor inspection needs whether it be a seatbelt buckle mechanism, an entire vehicle, or an ATV. They also offer accurate and detailed digitization and animation services, as well as high quality evidence photography and high-speed video.

EI Consultants, LLC's support staff of business professionals is a phone call away to help you with technical research, document reproduction, and paralegal needs. They also have techs available for courtroom presentations using Trial Director Software - an easy, paperless way to handle and display exhibits.

stan andrews

Stan Andrews leads the Accident Reconstruction team also known as F.I.R.S.T. of NWA. Mr. Andrews' area of expertise includes accident investigation and reconstruction, and agricultural systems. He has given presentations on the topics of safety engineering, human factors, accident reconstruction, heavy truck crashworthiness, restraint systems, and distracted driving related to texting and cell phone use. Mr. Andrews has provided expert testimony in over 100 depositions and he has testified in trial as an expert witness about the forensic findings of an accident.

Cord Guthrie

Cord Guthrie, Forensic Engineer has been conducting comprehensive investigations into Fire Origin and Cause for The Engineering Institute for the past ten years. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in pre-med psychology with an emphasis in criminology and a Master’s degree in Forensic Science from George Washington University. Mr. Guthrie is licensed private investigator and a member of the (NAFI) National Association of Fire Investigators, the (NFPA) National Fire Protection Association; a (CFEI) Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator and a (CVFI) Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator and an Arkansas licensed private investigator. Mr. Guthrie is also professionally trained in accident reconstruction, he has conducted hundreds of investigations regarding automobile accidents (fire and non-fire related).

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The role of an accident reconstructionist is to provide a forensic conclusion to the cause and events of an accident. Some accidents may involve passenger vehicles or consumer products, such as an ATV.

Many highway traffic accidents occur as a result of sudden tire failures. One particular kind of tire failure is called tread separation, and it can be especially dangerous in some circumstances. This kind of failure involves the outer steel belt layer of the tire peeling away violently, often without causing the tire to go flat.

Why is there statistically such a high number of rollover accidents and injuries involving UTV's and ATV's, such as the Yamaha Rhino and the Polaris Razor?