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Forensic Geology Sinkhole Expert Witness David Wilshaw

David Wilshaw, MS, PG
P.O. Box 783547
Winter Garden FL 34778
phone: 407-342-7737
David Wilshaw, MS, PG has over 31 years of experience in Engineering Geology, Geotechnics and Geo-environmental assessments. Established Britannia Solutions, LLC to provide Sinkhole Neutral Evaluation and expert litigation support service to insurance carriers, policyholders and their respective legal advisers. Mr. Wilshaw offers his services as an expert witness not only with respect to disputed sinkhole insurance claims but also in many other specialized areas of forensic engineering geology, especially Slope Failures, Underground Mining Subsidence and the Adequacy of Ground Investigations in relation to claims under construction contracts.

David Wilshaw has been a Florida DFS-certified Neutral Evaluator under §627.7074 Florida Statutes since 2011. He is licensed as a Professional Geologist in Florida and Tennessee and is registered as a Chartered Geologist and Fellow of the Geological Society in the United Kingdom. He is an Adjunct Professor of Earth Science. In the last 8 years, he has been Professional Geologist of Record for over 850 cause of subsidence investigations, carried out in accordance with Florida’s sinkhole insurance statutes, in relation to sinkhole loss claims across Florida, ranging from the Panhandle to the Florida Keys.

Litigation Services Include:
  • Testifying Expert at Deposition over 100 times.
  • Testifying Expert at Trial over 20 times.
  • Neutral Evaluation of over 135 Disputed Sinkhole Insurance Claims in accordance with Section 627.7074 Florida Statutes
  • Peer review and expert opinion to defense and plaintiff attorneys for over 1,000 cause of subsidence reports relating to claims for sinkhole loss
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