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Lottery Expert Gail Howard

Gail Howard
PO Box 81770
Las Vegas NV 89180-1770
phone: 800-945-4245 or 850-968-6950
Lottery Expert Gail Howard is internationally recognized as the creator of the most highly acclaimed and successful lottery systems used in the world today. She is America's original lottery expert - the pioneer of scientific lottery strategy. Since she created her lottery systems in 1982, she has turned thousands of lottery losers into winners, and she has made dozens of people rich. Her ability to turn people into millionaires has made lottery history!

Gail Howard's lottery systems are the ONLY lottery systems that have been credited with winning dozens of first prize lottery jackpots. To date, 106 documented first prize Lotto jackpot winners have won a combined total of more than $101,438,493 million dollars with her systems. Documentation consists of more than 300 pages of letters from her jackpot winners, copies of their jackpot winning tickets, checks and/or congratulatory letters from the lottery, lottery press releases, newspaper articles, etc.

Media Appearances: Gail's remarkable track record in helping people win big money in Lotto has led to appearances on hundreds of radio and TV shows, including The Today Show and Good Morning America. She has also been featured or quoted in articles in many major magazines and newspapers, including Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, Real Simple magazine, Playboy, Family Circle, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, the Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, and many more.

Articles: In her capacity as lottery expert, Gail Howard:
  • Has written articles for many national magazines, including Family Circle.
  • Was Lottery Editor of Gambling Times magazine.
  • Wrote and published Lottery Advantage- a 32-page monthly publication, with editions in New York/New Jersey and Canada.
  • Wrote Lottery Bu$ter, an eight-page monthly newsletter.
  • Has written a weekly column for 30 years for New York Lotto News.
  • Gail Howard's Special Report, State Lotteries: How to Get In It and How to Win It (first edition published in 1985). More than two million copies sold.

    Books: Gail Howard's books are sold all over the world, including foreign language editions translated into Spanish, French, German, Norwegian, Latvian, Korean, Japanese, Mao Chinese (sold in China), traditional Chinese (sold in Taiwan).
  • Lotto Winning Wheels for Powerball & MEGA Millions
  • Lotto How to Wheel a Fortune
  • Lotto Wheel Five to Win
  • Lottery Master Guide
  • Lottery Winning Systems
  • 11/24/2009
    Although my scientific systems for picking winning lotto combinations are based on mathematical probability, I think luck cycles can be used to maximize your lottery luck. By knowing when your lottery luck is running high or low, you can budget your playing dollars accordingly.

    In your heart, you know you are going to win a lotto jackpot eventually. Why else do you buy lottery tickets? Here is some advice for your head and heart while you get ready to win

    Need help picking the best Mega Millions numbers? With a jackpot of $250 million at stake, players are looking for smart ways to beat the Mega Millions' odds. Here are some facts you can take to the bank

    Gail Howard
    Fifty-three (53) first prize lotto jackpots have been won with Gail Howard's systems in pick-5 lotto games: Fantasy 5, Cash 5, Take 5, Match 5, Little Lotto, Lucky 5, Cash Game, Lotto 5, Badger 5. The 2006 3rd edition of Lotto Wheel Five to Win contains all the Gail Howard wheeling systems that won pick-5 lotto jackpots and identifies which of the systems won one, two or three jackpots, also the system that won eight first prize jackpots! Whether you spend a couple of dollars or join a pool or syndicate, a choice of 333 systems, from $2 to $100's, gives you complete flexibility for any possible use. Fifty systems in this book cost an affordable $5 or less to use, and more than 100 systems cost $10 or less.
    Gail Howard
    World's most successful lottery system book. This 416-page lottery book has the Lotto systems used by Gail Howard's biggest lotto jackpot winners.
    Gail Howard
    It is the most thorough and complete book on lottery strategy ever written. It shows how to choose numbers for the Lotto game YOU play that have the greatest probability of winning in the next drawing.
    Gail Howard
    Several Software Products. Click on image for more information
    "If the Mega Millions jackpot rolls over again, the jackpot will no doubt be a billion dollars for the drawing of December 20, 2013"
    Lottery guru, Gail Howard, buys 1,000 Mega Million tickets to give away on her web site. On March 29, 2013, the 30th anniversary of publishing her lottery systems, Howard is offering a drawing to include $1,000 in free Mega Millions combinations to be split among five lucky winners.
    Florida's Patricia Hansen Wins $85,931 After Studying Gail Howard's Book and Software.