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Mechanical Engineering Expert Witness Marc Meadows

Marc A. Meadows
Mechanical Engineering Consultant
4100 International Plaza
Ste 420
Fort Worth TX 76109
phone: 817-927-8101
fax: 800-315-9542
Marc Meadows Mechanical Design Expert PhotoMarc A. Meadows, PE, is a Professional Mechanical Engineer with a career that spans more than 30 years. His clients have included Lockheed Martin Co., ThyssenKrupp, Trinity Industries, Inc., and many others. Mr. Meadows and his team provide decades of mechanical engineering experience to companies in oil and gas, airline, food, construction, manufacturing, water treatment, and other industries.

Using Finite Element Method, Computer Aided Drafting, and Solid Modeling, Mr. Meadows is involved in the Design, Verification, and Analysis of Machines and Components. He has been awarded one United States patent for a Mobile Vehicle Display Device and has one more pending for a Restraint System and Method for High Pressure Pipeline.

In addition to his duties as president of the company, Mr. Meadows is pursuing fellow status in the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Attorneys, judges, and others find his knowledge of mechanical engineering and breadth of experience extremely valuable when he reviews legal cases and serves as an expert witness. He is called upon to determine the Causation of Industrial Accidents, Car Crashes, and Claims of Equipment / Mechanical Failure. For example, he uses his expertise to identify why parts failed, or if misuse of an instrument is to blame for an incident.

Mr. Meadows is licensed to provide mechanical engineering services in Texas, Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Oklahoma, Ohio, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington, and in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia. He is a member of numerous prestigious committees and boards including:
  • Industry Advisory Board for the Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering School at the University of Texas at Arlington
  • American Academy of Forensic Sciences
  • National Academy of Forensic Engineers (Correspondent)
  • National Society of Professional Engineers
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