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Petroleum Dispute Expert Witness David Sinai

David Sinai, Petroleum Expert
PO Box 24036
Los Angeles CA 90024
phone: 213-995-5018 Ext.1
fax: 866-635-1260
David Sinai Petroleum Expert PhotoDavid Sinai is the President of the Petroleum & C-Store Management GroupĀ®, a division of Grand Classic Oil with the corporate office located in Century City, CA . His company Manages and Operates Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, and Car Washes throughout the United States. Mr. Sinai's clients include banks, private owners, dealers, private investors, oil companies, and attorneys. He actively manages a ground team that works seamlessly with clients to enable a smooth take-over of facilities.

On average, his team manages and operates over 200 locations monthly. The facilities managed exceed over 5,760,000,000 gallons of gasoline / diesel products and over $2,936,000,000 of convenience store products.

Mr. Sinai and his team have provided expert witness testimonial services in all 50 states, in State and Federal Courts, for clients on litigation and/or eviction cases such as:
  • Lender and Borrower Disputes
  • Oil Company and Operator Disputes
  • Oil Company and Related Supply Contract Disputes
  • Partnership Income and Expenses Disputes
  • Environmental Matters
  • Underground UST System Matters
  • Site Assessments
  • Valuation and Recovery
  • Phase I and Phase II Matters
Mr. Sinai was recently a guest speaker on October 17th, 2014 as lead consultant for a group of attorneys on IRWA Right-of-Way education (California Inland Empire Chapter 57) that was coordinated by Law Offices of Best Best & Kreiger, LLP., Law Offices of Murphy & Evertz LLP., Law Offices of Brissman & Nemat, and Pierce Law Firm On the matters related to Metro Mega Projects, Eminent Domain, and Right Of way.

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