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Postal Expert Peter Wade

Decision Validation , LLC
Peter Wade
Suite 1449
1941 Raccoon Lane
Myrtle Beach SC 29575
phone: 843-492-6961
fax: 843-492-6961
Peter Wade is a Federal court qualified expert in Postal Procedures and Postal Inspection Service policies, investigative methods and techniques. He has twenty-five years of experience with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, eight years as a postal inspector and seventeen years in supervisory and policy-making positions. Mr. Wade also has two years of experience as postmaster of San Juan, PR. He has provided expert opinions in numerous federal and state court matters regarding postal criminal investigative procedures and USPS policies and procedures.

12/8/2011 · Postal Services
The United States Postal Service offers two services which document that a letter has been placed in the mail at a certain place on a certain date; Certified Mail and a Certificate of Mailing.