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Pulmonary Disease Expert Witness William Hooper

Dr. William W. Hooper, MD
320 Santa Fe Drive
Suite 101
Encinitas CA 92024
phone: 760-753-3424
fax: 760-864-8583
Wm. Wayne Hooper, MD, CM, FRCP(C), FACP, FCCP has over 35 years of experience in Pulmonary Medicine as a Board Certified consultant, including 25 years in the Intensive Care Units at Scripps Hospitals (San Diego, CA), Thornton Hospital (La Jolla, CA), and the University of California at San Diego (UCSD).

Dr. Hooper was trained in pulmonary medicine at two renowned centers including the Royal Victoria Hospital, McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and University Hospital, UCSD in San Diego. Upon graduation he joined UCSD as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine and became Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care Medicine. In 1981 he entered private practice at Scripps Hospitals where he remained on staff as a Chest and Critical Care Medicine consultant until 2005.

In 2005 Dr. Hooper shifted his focus to outpatient care as a clinical consultant in Pulmonary Diseases. He has maintained his Board Certifications in both Internal and Pulmonary Medicine and continues to provide patient focused attention to outpatients afflicted with diseases and disorders of the chest.

Additionally, he is a published author in pulmonary hypertension and right heart disease. He has published articles and abstracts for publications including the American Journal of Cardiology and American Heart Journal.

Dr. Hooper is an articulate expert with decades of experience. He reviews medical information with an open, objective viewpoint and provides clarity of opinion without bias. He has testified in court approximately twenty times, having been retained by plaintiffs and defendants alike. He prides himself in an ability to explain technical details to jurors in layman's terms, creating an educated, focused approach to understanding the issues at hand.

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