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Scientific Forensic Expert Joseph Guth

Dr. Joseph H. Guth, Certified Industrial Hygienist
121 Tuscany B
Delray Beach FL 33446
phone: 757-620-1988
fax: 757-299-8005
45+ years of independent, multi-disciplinary scientific experience in basic and applied research, university teaching and large commercial laboratory operations for your litigation/consultation needs. Nationally known expert in over 400 individual, consolidated and class action cases. Daubert - qualified.
  • Civil & Criminal (for defense/plaintiff/prosecution)
  • FELA/Admiralty Law/Military court qualified
  • Workmen's Comp Hearings
  • Insurance claim investigations
  • Union-Government Arbitration Hearings
  • EPA Arbitration Negotiations
  • Governmental & Congressional Hearings and Commissions
  • Peer Reviewer for EPA and NIOSH
  • Reviewer for Natl Science Foundation
  • Toxic & carcinogen exposure assessments & retrospective modeling of past exposure histories
  • 4/27/2012 · Legal Issues
    For those of you not dealing with much product liability or personal injury case work, you may not have noticed some newer up ticks and trend lines. For others who have been too focused on one area of this specialized litigation, this note will add to your awareness of things to come.

    Water and molds have been here much longer than Man. We utilize some, coexist with others, and battle many more of them. Molds help us make cheese, produce penicillin and other useful medicines; but they can also harm us. It is the latter problem that requires a better response from the medical community