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Turbine Expert Witness Ronald Natole

Ronald Natole
Turbine Expert
Houston TX USA
phone: 281-381-6592
Ronald Natole is a Turbine Expert whose consulting services to the industrial, utility, and pipeline gas turbine market are reinforced with over 45 years of related experience.

Background Experience - Prior to establishing Natole Turbine Enterprises (NTE), Mr. Natole managed the turbine component repair and overhaul activities of Hickham Industries for 4 years and was manager of gas turbine component repair at Chromolloy in Dallas, Texas for 5 years. For 16 years, he was with General Electric Co. (GE) in several capacities: 9 years in Schenectady, graduating from GE's Apprentice Machinist Program and as a GE factory test technician, plus 7 years in GE service, sales and shop management in Buffalo and Baltimore.

Mr. Natole is currently active in both ASME and the International Gas Turbine Institute (IGTI) and is a Past Chairman of the IGTI Board of Directors as well as a Past Chairman of both the Electric Power and Manufacturing Materials and Metallurgy Technical Committees of ASME-IGTI.

Loss, Insurance and Litigation Support - Ron Natole offers expert witness services to insurance companies and counsel representing both Plaintiff and Defense. He provides expertise on operation, maintenance, and components related to loss / damage to the GT Thermal Block. In addition, services in this area include:
  • Reparability / Serviceability
  • Replacement Costs
  • Life Assessment
  • Failure Analysis
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